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Paleo Meal Plan – Best Recipes Revealed

22nd November, 2013: Paleo has become a smashing hit among the diet and fitness conscious. But for the most, the biggest concern still remains to satisfy the Palate. According to Dr. Katheleen M.Zelman, MPH, RD; “Eating green and directly from the nature is probably the best suited and safest way to lose weight and stay healthy; but the only glitch Paleo followers have to face is how to keep this flirtation alive for long due to the diet's strict nature”. 

No dairy, no wrapped food, no legumes, potatoes or processed sugar kind of makes Paleo diet hard to follow. The condition gets even worse by our 25 years old habits of eating directly from the packet. Planning a proper meal now seems far-fetched. 

To make it more interesting and colorful, a very well-compiled and motivating Paleo meal plan has been introduced. The book “The Paleo Cookbook” written by Nikki Young includes hundreds of diet recipes, cooking methods, ingredients and instructions on how to prepare a perfectly delicious Paleo meal for the whole family. 

According to Nikki, Paleo Cookbooks are for the modern-day person who likes to follow Paleo diet as closely as possible. She believes, “To prepare a satisfying meal everyday with only limited ingredients is boring, hectic and confusing. Dieters start apprehending loss of freedom and ultimately begin to crave things that are prohibited. Therefore, it is very important to Jazz up Paleo for serious weight loss”. 

In her book, Nikki introduces 8 different categories (snacks, meat, Chicken, Fish and Seafood, Soups, Salads, Omelets and Desserts) of Paleo diet meal plans and 5 exclusive recipes for Paleo friendly noodles, cake, chocolate, capsicum sandwich and Focaccia. 

The most valued part of the program is variation. According to Ursula Grobler, USA Rower and Indoor World Record holder, “Paleo meal plan is a great way to learn about the substitutes for old favorites, like using green peppers as a ‘bread’ holder substitute, or baking focaccia using alternative flours”. 

Coconut milk smoothie, walnut covered turkey cutlets, cashew hummus, Mince kebab with satay sauce and fish and vegetable curry are some of the most shared recipes of Nikki’s Paleo cookbooks. 

Other reasons why people are lusting after Paleo diet meal plans and Paleo dinner recipes include health benefits. According to experts, Paleo diet is better than Atkins and Mediterranean. “You don’t have to starve, dehydrate or count calories; rather eating healthy proportion of everything including Greens in Paleo diet meal plans keeps all nutrients naturally in check”- says researcher and scientist in field of nutrition and exercise physiology - Dr. Loren Cordain. 

Following Paleo recipes strictly helps in reducing cardiovascular risk. Nikki’s Caveman diet food list includes - fish, eggs, chicken, turkey, duck, assorted fruits and vegetables, nuts and olive oil which are rich in vitamins, phytonutrients and antioxidants. 

Additionally, this caveman diet food list focuses on ingredients that are low on the glycemic index and prevents sudden spikes and falls in blood sugar. They also reportedly boost metabolism by cleansing up the free radicals. 

Most women who have followed Nikki’s Paleo diet plans have claimed to lose up to 65 pounds in 6 months. According to Emma James- an avid user, “I’ve lost 27Ibs of post-delivery weight in 3.5 months using Nikki’s Paleo diet meal plans. These recipes are strongly innovative yet strictly Paleo”. 

It seems that for the Proponents, Nikki’s Paleo diet meal plans are a bit of fresh air. Her creativity in the kitchen and strict Paleo approach with 55% vegetable and 45% meat and fruit is certainly something to look for. She also advocates eating 90% healthy and 10% cheat meals to stop the cravings. Her plan is considered by Paleo lovers as the most advanced and well-incorporated Paleo meal plan to match 21st century lifestyle. 

With fully covered 60-days money back guarantee and free bonuses like Paleo Guide To Getting Started, Paleo Eating Out Guide and the Paleo Food Guide to help people understand the dos and don’ts, it seems that this is the most comprehensive, 3D Paleo meal plan yet available for newbies. 

To read more about Nikki’s Paleo diet meal plans, Visit: http://paleomealplan.info/paleocookbooks

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