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NameStall Relaunched Their Brand Name Generator Tool

NameStall redeveloped and relaunched their free brand name generator tool to help people and professionals find more creative, unique and memorable business or brand names with a few mouse click. 

We are exposed to thousands of brand messages every day, in fact we leave in a brand world. Branding has become very challenging for most of the companies and businesses. And an innovative and original brand name is always very important for any business or company or new product. Image of a brand depends a lot on the name of the brand itself. A brand of a company starts with the name and logo of the brand. So picking the appropriate as well as memorable brand name is always very important for any new brand name. Every brand name must cover some very importance criteria. 

Short: A brand name should be short. Look at some of the very popular brand names around you. Google, Twitter, Nike, Apple, Orange, Apple most of these brand names are interestingly very short. Most professionals prefer to keep the brand name short. 

Memorable: Your brand name just cannot be short but it has to be pronounceable and memorable. You just cannot select “xdwjb” as your brand name just because it is short. Your brand name should be pronounceable. When you keep a short and pronounceable brand name it will be memorable since people will be able to memorize it. 

Available Domain: Nowadays, every company or brand has online presence to reach better target audience and communication. A website for a brand name will help you to build relationship with your loyal customers as well as new customers. So you need to have a brand name with an available domain name to go online. 

Unique: There are thousands of brand names around and you need to pick a name that can stand out from rest of the brand names. It is always better to pick for a made-up word as a brand name rather than selecting a descriptive name. Twitter, Google, Amazon are some great examples of made up unique word brand names. 

Logo: Brand name starts with a logo. Logo keeps the name stand out from crowd. A logo can help people to indentify the Brand Name. Which image comes to your mind when you think of Nike? Yea, that’s the power of logo. So when you think of a brand name always think of a logo. 

And when NameStall’s developers redeveloped their popular brand name ideas tool they considered all these important factors. They redesigned the brand naming tool to generate more short, memorable and unique brand names with available domains. You can either ask the tool to create descriptive brand names for your product or just select a new name from their brand name suggestions list. Most important redevelopment of this popular tool is it will do the whole job within few seconds now. 

About NameStall: 

NameStall is website all about domain and brand names. It is been around for years and developed many advanced and useful domain and brand naming tools. Main goal of the website is to provide free web tools to help people and professionals to find excellent names for their projects. With professional developers NameStall developed 14 very popular online naming tools. For more information please visit http://www.namestall.com/brand-name-generator 

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