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Retailers Find Keepers Are Key to Open Display and Security.

Alpha High Theft Solutions provides the most extensive line of polycarbonate Keepers® available for loss prevention in a retail environment. Keepers have become essential tools in the ongoing challenge of keeping retail merchandise safe and secure while allowing items to be openly displayed on the shelf. 

“The early retail sales results for stores converting to Keepers suggest there is a significant upside in retail sales as the product is unlocked from glass cabinets,” said a general manager for a leading fragrance company. 

Here are just a few examples of our most utilized Keepers: 

Showcase Keepers 

Created for maximum aesthetics and security, Showcase Keepers are the perfect way to openly display high-theft fragrances and beauty creams. The tiered black pedestal and softer corners create a more elegant container suited to the high-end merchandise it protects. Showcase Keepers® are reusable, allow customers to see all sides of the product packaging, and come in nine sizes to fit any merchandising need. 

Multi-Use Keepers 

Multi-Use Keepers are available in more than thirteen sizes, providing a wide range of protection. All Alpha Keepers include a patented magnetic lock system, ensuring merchandise remains secure while allowing full visibility to customers. Multi-Use Keepers are great for a variety of products ranging from something small, like batteries, to much larger items like boxed electronics. The cylindrical Multi-Use Keepers are perfect for infant formula, coffee canisters and candles. 

Collapsible Keepers 

One of our newest styles of Keeper is the Collapsible Keeper which is designed to provide flexible security for small- to medium-sized merchandise. These adjustable Keepers can be raised or lowered according to the size of the merchandise package in order to optimize shelf space. Collapsible Keepers are available in four sizes, include an integrated Hang Tab, and feature dual AM and RF technology. 

Health & Beauty Keepers 

Alpha offers the most comprehensive line of Keepers to fit your health and beauty merchandise. From razors, to teeth whiteners, to family planning and more, you can rely on Alpha’s Keepers to provide the optimal in open display while being securely protected. No matter what you need to protect, there is a Keeper to do the job. Not sure what size Keeper you need for your product? Alpha’s website provides the Keeper Selector -- simply plug in the dimensions of your merchandise and the Keeper Selector will provide the best available options. 

Media Keepers 

Alpha offers a complete line of Keepers for media and electronics designed to provide locking protection with great visual display. You can find Keepers to fit your high-theft DVDs, CDs, Blu-ray, video games, and much more. Our patented magnetic lock is ultra secure but quick and easy to open at checkout while the flashing LED light on 3 Alarm Keepers provides a strong visual deterrent. 

For more than 40 years, Alpha has provided retailers with the most innovative and technically advanced products engineered to protect high-theft merchandise. Our solutions deliver uncompromising security, ease-of-use for store associates, and aesthetics that complement the merchandise it protects. 

Are you ready to learn more about Alpha® High Theft Solutions and how we can reduce shrink and improve your bottom line? Visit us online athttp://www.alphaworld.com for more information. 

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