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Popularity Of Electronic Cigarettes Continues For www.morecig.com

One of the reasons why Gavin Morrison of More Cig is launching a new improved web site for electronic cigarettes is due to his great interest in the environment, and all things that are eco friendly. He has been trading successfully for some time under the brand of www.morecig.com, and the popularity of these ecigs, and their benefits to human health and the world around has inspired him to expand his range in order to help others.

He realizes that many people start smoking at an early age to fit in with and emulate their peers without thinking at that point how dangerous tobacco cigarettes can be to their health, how their smoking habit can repel others in their vicinity with the smoke and terrible odour. Before the ban of smoking tobacco cigarettes in public , many non smokers were driven out of pubs, restaurants and other such places because the bad ambience caused by their tobacco smoking counterparts.

The smoking ban was welcomed by those who did not smoke tobacco, and the opposite was true of those who did.

Now the fairly recent introduction of electronic cigarettes is extremely beneficial to both camps. Unlike other cigarettes which are made from tobacco, e-cigs contain no tar or toxic chemicals, and as such are much healthier, and are much more in tune with green issues.Many smokers wish that they had never taken up the habit, but once started, it is very difficult to stop. This is where electronic cigarettes come into play, and are so very important. E-cigs are a great substitute for tobacco cigarettes , as whose supplied by morecig.com look and feel like the real thing. without having the same detrimental effects.

Although they look very much like a normal cigarette, they contain no tobacco, and as such are of no risk to health. Some however do have nicotine in the e-cig which means those used to tobacco receive the satisfaction of tasting a tobacco flavour in their mouths. These electronic cigarettes provide a great deal of choice as some have different flavours such strawberry, vanilla and cherry, among others.

E-cigs are powered by a small battery, many of which are rechargeable, and refills are available

The soon to be launched new web site of more-cig will offer the best electronic cigarettes on the market at the most affordable prices. It is also to be remembered that not only are e cigs better for the user and those around them, but they also cost a fraction of their tobacco equivalent. With the increasing use of electronic cigarettes, Gavin's business can only go from strength to strength.

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