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iPhonefixed provides iPhone repair service, parts and accessories

The United Kingdom, November 25, 2013: “An iPhone is an iPhone” and only an iPhone user knows how much he/she cherishes it. However, despite all the attention and care paid to the device, incidents like breakage, water damage, hardware malfunction/unresponsiveness, etc. happen. For all those iPhone users who consider their mobile devices precious assets, iPhonefixed is the name to remember. It is an independent online firm that is involved with repair and sales of parts and accessories of all versions of iPhones. It is an iPhone-centric company that provides services and products dedicatedly for iPhone, thus, exhibiting exclusivity.

The company provides all kinds of hardware repair services such as screen damage due to drop or blow, internal damage due to water submersion, unapparent fault in any part of the iPhone, etc. Damage of any kind is bound to reduce productivity of the phone and is the last thing any smart phone user wants to face. It also needs to be mentioned that iPhonefixed has identified really a crucial field for business. IPhones are expensive and highly productive but warranty on smart phones hardly covers any hardware part. Therefore, there is vast scope to serve all the customers who unfortunately and accidently damage their phones.

The process of repair or parts and accessories purchase is as simple at iPhonefixed as it can be. There are options for the line of model to be selected after which visitors will have to go through the terms of service, privacy policy and cost. The type of damage has to be stated or a clicked image of the phone with the apparent condition can be sent to iPhonefixed and the professionals respond with the suggestion on what needs repair.

The major difference between repair service by iPhonefixed and by others is the use of original Apple OEM parts, which most other repairers may not use. Repair with OEM parts leaves the device almost like new. In fact, there has been catch in some cases. The Apple warranty turns voids as soon as the device gets physical damage. But, some customers of iPhonefixed have been able to get software issues with their phone resolved under warranty coverage even after hardware repaired. Such incidents were possible because of the use of exactly the same parts for repair as used by Apple. To top that unconditional guarantee of 90 days is offered on every repair done by iPhonefixed.

iPhonesfixed claims zero tolerance policy towards privacy of data. In addition to repair and parts/accessories sales, iPhonefixed purchases broke iPhones from customers who wish to do so. Customers have full liberty to cancel repair orders until the repair process starts. In such cases, amount is refunded with the deduction of packing and shipping charges. The plain website of the company is appropriate to find detail pertaining to any aspect of the process. Moreover, 24x7 customer helpline ensures live/prompt response to whatever the query might be.

About iPhonefixed:

URL: http://www.iphonefixed.co.uk/iphone-repairs/

iPhonefixed is an independent online company dealing in sales of parts/accessories and repair of iPhones in the UK. It is a dedicated products and service provider, which uses only original OEM parts. Additional information on iPhone care-taking and damage are also provided by iPhonefixed.

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