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3Design Center’s Field Of Expertise Revolutionising Fashion

3Design Center’s field of specialisation has been revolutionising the fashion world, as recent catwalks have featured a significant amount of 3D printed garments from well-known designers. The culmination of this is the 3D Print Show, which is exactly what its name indicates: a runway fashion show where every garment has been digitally created and printed.

The show, which started in London in early November and then resumed in Paris in the middle of the month, features garments created from layers of materials such as plastic, metal or yarn, by designers such as Germany’s Pia Hinze and Australia’s Natasha Fagg. The possibilities brought about by 3D printing really helped the designers’ creative process, just like it does for 3Design Center, and most of the pieces presented at the 3D Print Show stand out for their originality. Fagg, for instance, presented a collection based on the appearance of bugs under a microscope. The possibility of form-fitting the garments to the body was also praised.

Designers also seem excited about the possibility of mass commercialisation of 3D printed garments. Fagg stated that 3D printed clothes may differ from what is traditionally considered ‘clothing’, but declared herself excited to see this form of clothing take over the high street (having already found its niche on the Internet, where screen printed jewellery and shoes are available at fairly affordable prices.) Hinze, a vocal supporter of the method, vehemently agreed, claiming it is only a matter of time until 3D printed clothes are widely available in retail stores.

Other designers endorsing 3D-printed clothing include Iris Van Herpen, Steven Ascensao, Francis Bitonti and Janni Kytannen, who has made his shoe patterns available for free download, so that they may be printed in the customer’s home. The only drawback is the cost of the equipment necessary to print your own shoes. You can expect to pay somewhere in the vicinity of $2800! However, Kytannen believes that costs are coming down and the technology will soon be available to everyone.

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