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Leading UK Insurer Assures Over-65s Of Generous Travel Insurance Cover

One of the leading insurance companies in the UK, Insuremore recently announced that senior citizens and those who are over sixty-five years old can still enjoy excellent travel insurance benefits. The important thing when applying is to be completely honest and frank about any pre-existing medical condition, even minor ones for which the traveller has had to see a doctor within the past year. Most insurance companies will also include conditions that the traveller is still currently waiting test results for (in cases when the trip is scheduled ahead of the release of medical results). And as always, when a traveller is not sure whether to declare a health-related matter or not, it is best to call up the insurance company for advice. 

A spokesperson from Insuremore said that many seniors tend to forego getting a travel insurance coverage due to the mistaken belief that insurance companies eschew applicants who are clearly running a high risk for medical emergencies while abroad. This is not always true, as there are a number of online insurance companies that provide generous insurance coverage to seniors without being over-the-top with the price of their premium. One good way is to perform a thorough research online as there are websites that aggregate the ‘best of the best travel insurance companies on the internet’, complete with helpful, actionable information regarding such aspects as price, track record, and customer feedback. However, senior travellers should also search beyond these forums, as certain travel insurers do not even participate in such sites. 

In any case, Insuremore insists that when buying a travel insurance coverage for seniors and the over-65s, the usual logic applies: check the price and make careful comparison (prices for single-trip and multi-trip travel insurance coverage can vary wildly and may even be offered cheaper for the over-65s). Exerting the extra effort to research online is all worth it, especially when a traveller finds the exact insurance coverage they need at the right budget. 

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Insuremore offers inexpensive but value-laden travel insurance packages. The company won Travolution's "Best Travel Insurance Website" award in 2008. For further information about Insuremore and its travel insurance products, visit the website at http://insuremore.co.uk/ . 

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