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HK Rui Qi Development co. produces varieties of economical headphones

China, November 27, 2013: The World has witnessed remarkable development in sound quality since the first hearing device/aide was made and the credit for it goes to all manufacturing firms dedicated to the improvement of sound systems. HK Rui Qi Development Co., though relatively new, is one among the league of great earphones and headphones manufacturers. In addition to headphones and earphones, it also manufactures wired and wireless speakers. Good quality products at competitive price, complemented by punctual delivery and after-sale service are the main characteristics that have made the company grow. 

HK Rui Qi is one of the specialists in the creation of monster headphones. Some of the companies that manufacture both earphones and headphones at HK Rui Qi are Dr. Dre, Bose, Logic3, Panasonic, Ludacris, Sony MDR, Monster and Sennheiser. The hardware development company manufactures only earphones for 50 Cent, JVC and Philips while only headphones for Audio Technica, V-Moda, AKG and SOL Republic. The list of varieties of products manufactured by the company seems endless. It manufactures wide range of earpieces and headsets including wireless Bluetooth headphones, DJ headphones, etc. There are about 20 different kinds of wireless Bluetooth headphones

DJ headphones are another line of product that may interest may people. In the DJ headphones category, HK Rui Qi boasts of 14 brands that are manufactured at its facility. The companies to which HK Rui Qi supplies DJ headphones are Sennheiser, Dr. Dre, Pioneer and Sony MDR. All DJ headphones are of professional class and provide the best in class sound. An example of the quality of products in every range manufactured by HK Rui Qi is Pioneer DJ headphones, especially the Pioneer HDJ-1500 Professional. It is a great headphone and both its external finish and the quality of sound describe why leading sound system producers such as Pioneer and Bose have chosen HK Rui Qi to manufacture some of their products. 

All products manufactured at HK Rui Qi also have good comfort features. They are among the most suitable and preferable in their class. The rugged designs are given shape mainly of magnesium alloy so that sturdiness is not compromised in order to make them lightweight. The polyurethane used for cushion resembles leather and comforts ear during prolong usage. The ear cups are purposely made narrow in order to provide highest isolation from unwanted sound. The drivers and other hardware used are long-lasting and efficient. The complete cycle of production results into fabulous looking earphones and headphones with amazing sound quality and long life. The purchase procedure is simple and involves product selection to get quotation. Once client agrees and sends the invoice, the shipment is arranged by HK Rui Qi. 

About HK Rui Qi Development Co. 

URL: www.fivestar-creative.com 

HK Rui Qi Development Co. is a Chinese company who is a manufacturer of hardware required in sound systems for different renowned franchises in the World. HK Development exports to the USA, Russia, Europe, the Middle East, Australia, South Africa and South America. 

For Media Contact:
HK Rui Qi Development Co., Limited
Address: No 8th Building, He Feng Industry Zone,
Bao An District, Shen Zhen, Shenzhen, Guangdong,
China (Mainland)/518128
Tel: 86-755-27451274
Fax: 86-755-82591156
E-mail: service@fivestar-creative.com
Website: http://www.fivestar-creative.com

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