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Unique & Innovative Commission Free Website Launched for Freelancers with 100% Payment Guarantee

USA, November 29, 2013: Cherishedideas.com demonstrates the unique and amazing features that make it the best platform for freelancers to earn money in a peaceful and hassle-free manner. It provides a new model wherein freelancers do not have to pay commissions, payments are guaranteed and there are no expense deductions involved. This concept has been developed to provide a sustainable means of generating income for freelance designers & developers whilst enabling employers to get projects completed by reliable and accomplished professionals. The transparent pricing structure means there are no hidden fees or surprises, enabling both freelancers and employers to work together with confidence.


As per the website, this platform utilizes the latest the 2.0 technology for helping the contractors and clients smoothly carry out their tasks. It inculcates various features that make it so unique and it even provides a vision of how freelancing can make the work seamless and rewarding. The members of Cherished Ideas can select from a wide range of tier-based packages that are reasonably priced and they can place their bid on contests as per their skill sets. Each tier includes the essential tools offered for the freelancer to bid on the proposals, find the projects and then receive payments. With plans starting at $79, No Commissions freelancing comes at a fantastic price.

The website affirms that the designers, developers and freelancers can advertise their fixed rate services at the Creative Junction. This is a unique feature of Cherished Ideas. It enables employers to hire freelancers directly from their advertised, pre-priced services. Clients do not have to pay membership for purchasing the services and posting the projects, the only fee is a small card processing charge. To promote a project, the client pays a small fee to boost the project to the top of searches and email marketing, of which 50% is donated to charity.

According to the website, Cherished Ideas is capable of producing satisfied clients by offering value whilst ensuring freelancers are paid a fair wage. This is possible due to its exceptional features such as no additional expenses, several tier-based packages, competitive pricing, full payment guarantee on all projects and NO per job commissions.

For more detailed info regarding their services, one may log on to the website: www.Cherishedideas.com

About Cherished Ideas

The concept developer and Director of Cherished Ideas, Simon Knapp, added “We are unique. We are an ethical, sustainable startup. Cherished Ideas strives to provide a commission free freelance platform, that encourages collaborations and professional networking. Our design contests guarantee payments with an escrow service that protect both the client and the freelancer. We are building the freelance portal of the future”

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