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Buckyballs Club’s Buckyballs is both an educational tool and a stress- busting toy

United States of America, 29/11/2013: Buckyballs sets are made up of 216 strong neodymium magnetic beads. This strong magnet is processed exquisitely by magnetic balls. Because of the mutual attraction formed between the poles, these tiny magnets can freely be combined into any geometrical shape. Buckyballs magnet cub allows one to compose millions of geometrical formations, thereby enhancing the creativity and imagination of the person. These sphere- shaped magnets are exquisite and glossy, with no chance of getting faded easily. Because of this property, these magnets can be worn as magnetic jewellery like bracelets and necklaces.

Buckyballs construction toy can be used as a great medium to improve a person’s intuitive perception of mathematics and geometry. Combined with textbook, one can use Buckyballs neocube toy for educational purposes also, thus helping one to understand both the practical and theoretical aspect of geometry. Because the said subject demands a powerful spatial imagination, these toys can help in improving geometrical subjects effectively. Buckyballs can be a wonderful intellectual toy as well. When compared with other intelligence toys, Buckyballs are in a league of its own as it helps in simulating both sides of the brain, benefitting the user immensely. Different functions are controlled by each side of the brain; the left side is responsible for language, mathematics and logical reasoning, whereas the right side is responsible for creativity, imagination, visual recognition and facial appearance capabilities. When playing with Buckyballs construction toys, one has to use creativity and spatial imagination, along with mathematical knowledge and logical thinking ability thereby allowing them to exercise both sides of the brain.

Buckyballs can be an awesome desktop as well. Based on the intelligent construction, these balls allow one to get an immediate stress relief effect much like other decompressing toys. Buckyballs toys can be distorted and deformed which lets one to release their emotions. The thing that makes them far superior than other “cool” desktop toy is that the entire cube is composed of 216 independent balls, where one can separate the balls and then combined them to form amazing shapes all over again. Addition to that, it shall be bringing new textures every single time.

Buckyballs come in various sizes and colours. The ones that are listed on this website for sale include Green Luminous, Original White, Gold Neocube, rainbow- coloured, Black, Six Colours, Colour- changing, Blue- Green Buckyballs, Snow White Buckyballs, etc. The price each varies between $6.99 and $45.99.

About The Bucky Balls:

URL: http://www.the-buckyballs.com

Buckyballs Club is a company which is actively engaged in the manufacture and marketing of Buckyballs throughout the world. The Buckyballs sold by this company is of the highest possible grade and comes at reasonable prices as well.

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