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Up to 50% OFF Music and Movies at Hollywood27.com – Black Friday Through Cyber Monday Tuesday

Phoenix, AZ; November 30, 2013: Hollywood 27 Productions' new indie film PYRITE can be purchased on the ultra cheap side during the big shopping season. Both the film itself (on DVD) and its accompanying soundtrack are marked down extensively through December 3, 2013. 

How do you score the big discounts? “Just head over to Hollywood27.com,” says Writer/Director Eric Battersby, “and click on STORE to see the big sales. Everything is really discounted, and the film's soundtrack is only $4.97 during the sale.” Eric and his fellow filmmakers believe that their film, and its story – which focuses on racism in Chicago – will be a starting point for some positive change, and they're excited to get the film in people's hands this holiday season. 

“Oh and by the way,” Eric adds, “a little secret ninja tip – anyone who signs up for our Email List receives a coupon for an extra $2.50 off the DVD/CD Bundle, which practically makes it free.” 

When asked how one film can make a difference, Eric says the goal is actually twofold. “It's important for as many people as possible to see the movie. I think almost everyone has to something to gain from watching PYRITE. We created this film to make a difference, and I won't stop until we've accomplished that. But my second goal is a very concentrated effort to fight racism. When people buy our DVDs and CDs, they clearly show that they support our work.” 

PYRITE's quick synopsis – a white youth fights racism within his own family, while a single African-American mom in Cabrini Green struggles to give her two boys a better life. Their paths intersect on a hot summer day when racial tension reaches its boiling point. Battersby says the core theme behind the film is the clash between youthful ideals, and the stereotypes we tend to cling to as we get older. 

“We have more to do. Reaching out to high school and college students, with a mission to help the next generation fight racism, that's an extremely important part of the process here as well,” Eric states. “Like we say on our YouTube channel – 'Hate Racism? Watch Pyrite.' And here for the holiday season, you can now watch it at a discount.” 

Click here to visit Hollywood27.com and take advantage of the holiday sale before it's over. 

About Hollywood 27 Productions: 

Formed in 1998, Hollywood 27 Productions is an independent film company focused on creating excellent independent films that reach a new level in detail, stimulate thought while entertaining, and can reach into the hearts and minds of the world. 

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