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ZW Soft CAD and Architecture software with DWG compatibility

China, November 30, 2013: The introduction of smart-phones paved a platform that facilitated mobile working on things that could be done only on PC earlier. The operating systems evolved rapidly and equally rapid was the response from application developers. ZW Soft is one such development firm that holds its position in smart-phone market with some functional utility such as its new CAD software for iOS7. The application is named ZW CAD Touch and is the result of total redesigning of its predecessor fully in accordance with iOS7. Thus, architecture professionals and enthusiasts have complete designing software fully compatible with their Apple device.

From utterly insane games to really useful and productive applications can be found in multitude for almost all the major mobile OS. Quite obviously, the numbers steadily shrink as categories of highly functional and complex applications are searched. Computer Aided Design (CAD) is one of the fields that do not enjoy much favour of mobile application developers. Thus, ZW Soft seems to have addressed the vacancy appropriately. There is full range of CAD software available from ZW Soft. ZWCAD Touch is the smart-phone-variant of the PC software. Specifically, there is ZWCAD +, ZWCAD Mechanical, ZWCAD Touch and ZWCAD Architecture.

ZWCAD+ is a light-weight, economical and DWG-compatible CAD platform for drawing, modelling and drafting. ZWCAD Mechanical is the professional with standard-based parts and intelligent drafting tools that increase productivity through efficient manufacturing design. ZWCAD Architecture is ZWCAD+ with the extension of tools and content libraries. The Touch version is meant to bridge the gap between PCs and mobile phones for designers. ZW Soft also provides free architecture software with visualisation, intelligentisation and humanisation features. It can set 2D engineering drawings, 3D representations and the overall architectural information to provide complete solution to architecture designers. It supports Windows 7b 64-bit to the advantage of its high memory and multi-core.

The free architecture software by ZWSoft merges rich graph library and professional functions of architectural design sector. It can significantly propel and highly improve design compatibility for designers. Deep level compatibility between file formats and operating practices of mainstream design software is a great feature of the software. Drawings with ZWCAD architecture software can be opened with any CAD application without plug-ins. Besides, other efficient functions have been loaded into the software.

All by ZWSoft CAD software that are needed to be compatible to Dwg are, indeed, compatible to the extension. Dwg format refers to the graphics files that are generated by the software and such files cannot be opened without dwg viewer, which is also provided by ZWSoft. Apart from free DWG Viewer, ZWCAD has solutions for DWF and DXF files formats. In addition to the range of CAD/CAM software, ZWSoft provides on conversion between various files formats and extensive support via technical forum, learning centre and FAQ.

About ZWSoft

URL: www.zwsoft.com

ZWSoft is a Chinese development enterprise involved with utility software. It is renowned in MCAD and AEC industries for its CAD/CAM software. The company ardently invests in research & development to evolve ZW3D and ZWCAD. It has 2 decades of experience in the industry and boasts of 320,000 clients in 80 countries.

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