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GABA Supplement For Anxiety: Natural Anxiety Relief With No Side-Effects

California: Do you suffer from anxiety? And have been looking for a natural anxiety remedy, that doesn't make you tired or have other nasty side-effects?

Then you'll be pleasantly surprised to learn about a new enhanced GABA supplement for anxiety, developed by former anxiety sufferer, Elizabeth Thompson, and now made available by Zen Life Supplements.

Ten years ago, Elizabeth began to experience severe anxiety after going through a stressful divorce, and trying to manage as a single mother with a low-paid job, as well as doing classes at night. Her anxiety just kept getting worse – fearful, racing thoughts that kept her wound-up and awake at night and exhausted in the day... and then she began to get panic attacks. She didn't know how to get over her anxiety – but she knew she had to do something to stop it, and none of the natural anxiety relief techniques like breathing and relaxation were working for her any more.

At the end of her resources, Elizabeth began to research natural anti-anxiety remedies that might help her. She tried everything – all the supplements for anxiety that she had read about, plus a whole range of herbal remedies for anxiety and stress.

One of the most promising was GABA (gamma amino butyric acid) which is a natural brain chemical that stops anxiety. The problem is that a GABA supplement does not get GABA efficiently into your brain – where it is most needed – and so you can't simply take a bigger dose of GABA to relieve anxiety even more. But by taking some other natural substances as well, Elizabeth discovered that the effect of the GABA supplement could be enhanced.

We discovered the Zen Life GABA supplement for anxiety and stress from speaking to Vanessa Meadows, who writes about natural treatments for anxiety on her website.


We asked Vanessa what makes the Zen Life GABA supplement so special...

Vanessa told us that GABA supplements are widely available, but GABA doesn't work very well on its own. To overcome this problem, Zen Life also includes L-Theanine – another natural substance (originally discovered in tea) which is a powerful GABA booster, as well as balancing other brain chemicals that affect mood, such as serotonin and dopamine.

The Zen Life formula also includes Magnesium and B6 – both of which are needed for GABA to do its work to relieve anxiety – and 4 natural herbs which Elizabeth found were very effective in getting rid of her anxiety symptoms and helping her to cope better with stress. (None of the herbs in Zen Life are sedating, which she found to be a big problem with many other herbal remedies for anxiety.)

Vanessa herself suffered from anxiety for several years, and like Elizabeth, found that the medical treatments for anxiety had unbearable side-effects, while most of the natural anti-anxiety treatments that she could find were unreliable or just not effective. She told us that she was lucky to discover Zen Life at exactly the time she most needed it.

“Just twenty minutes after I took my first dose, I began to feel calmer,” she said. “Within a week of taking it regularly, I was sleeping better, and functioning better in the day time too. I was able to concentrate on things, where before I had been too wound up to deal with even little problems, like what to buy for dinner.”

“Zen Life gave me my life back,” she told us.

Find out more about the Zen Life GABA supplement for anxiety and stress here: http://overcomingyouranxiety.net/natural-anxiety-relief

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