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How to get rid of cold sores quickly – Got a date? Well try this fast solution!

Massachusetts: Are you a cold sore suffer? Always got a cold sore when you’ve got to be somewhere important? Don’t you just hate the niggling little thing on your face? Well prepare to be amazed by this fast solution by chronic cold sore sufferer Derek Shepton - “ How to get rid of cold sores quickly

There are so many over the counter treatments available for cold sores but Derek Shepton has just updated a step by step method to get rid of cold sores quickly. Derek tells us that his cold sore method is more than just an alternative to the many readily available cold sore treatments. His claim is that his new updated method now works so fast that even he was amazed at the results when he first tried it, “even friends have seen the quickest results ever” he said. Derek’s method dries up cold sores in a matter of hours rather than days, hence the “How to get rid of cold sores quickly” heading.

What causes the cold sore?

Cold sores are caused by the Herpes Simplex virus type 1 and they typically become visible around the soft tissues of the mouth area. Although a cold sore will heal within a week to ten days without any treatment, but during that time one should be aware that the cold sore will be painful and irritating to the suffer.

The cold sore does usually emerge on the lip or around the soft tissues of the mouth area. Cold sores are most commonly characterised with small blisters, which within a few days fill with fluid, they are quite nasty looking and can be painful. The blister will burst it self if you haven’t already attempted to pop it yourself; after this it normally take three to seven days to heal.

We asked Derek Shepton why he thought such a publication was needed , after all a cold sore is not really a serious condition is it? And of course surely its far easier to wander into a chemist and pick up a well advertised tube of cold sore cream.

This is what Derek had to say to our question; “yes it's so true that you can just walk into a chemist and pick up all sorts of cold sore creams, which will normally get rid of cold sores in around 3 or so days. That is absolutely fine for someone who only suffers the occasional cold sore or someone who doesn’t mind having that nasty looking thing on their face for a few days. But I published my cold sore remedy for people who get reoccurring cold sores and for those who want to get rid of cold sores quickly.

Derek described The typical Stages Of A Cold Sore Outbreak without any treatment:

Day 1-2 : Tingling stage. Most commonly this is the first indication of a cold sore developing. The tingling is an indication of where the cold sore will appear.

Day 2-3 : Blister stage . Fluid filled blisters will form on the soft tissue around the mouth. Sometimes small blisters come together to form one large blister.

Day 4 : Weeping stage. The cold sore blister ruptures soon after it is filled with fluid, the area can be sore and red, at this stage the cold sore is at it most contagious which is why if you have touched the sold sore then hands should be washed, touching of the eyes or anywhere else could spread the bacteria.

Days 5 - 8 : Crusting stage. Here the blister has burst and becomes dry and scabs over with a brownish crust. Usually here there might be itching and a burning sensation.

Days 9 - 12 : The Final Healing stage. The scabs begin to flake off one by one, slowly the cold sore begins to shrink in most cases there will be no scarring.

Personally speaking my cold sores where a real problem, I’d get rid of one then there would be another within just days these repeated cold sores are better known as Fever Blisters. These were really embarrassing especially when I was going to work or going out with my girlfriend, I tried nearly everything on the market for cold sore treatments but nothing was helping. I needed a way to get rid of them fast and prevent further outbreaks, well I’m happy to tell you I found what I was looking for.

Here’s the itching question we asked him…So how do you get rid of cold sores quickly?

Get rid of cold sores quickly is a few simple steps cold sore remedy based on the same method I used to get rid of my cold sores in just a few hours. The remedy is very simple and if followed correctly then anyone can cure their cold sore fast. The best part of the whole method is understanding how the Simplex virus works and how to stop replication, which in effect stops further cold sore outbreaks.

Our conclusion:

If you are one of those cold sore sufferers who gets a breakout after breakout and need a simple but effective solution then Get Rid of Cold Sores Quickly might be a great read for you. If your determined to finally conquer the cold sore and want to find out how to get rid of cold sores quickly then we suggest you take a look at this popular publication.

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