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Extreme Floods Bring Halt To River Cruising

The increasing popularity for European river cruising hit a bump in the road this spring. Companies like European Waterways felt a ripple effect in their sales when scheduled departures had to be aborted or re-routed due to colossal rainfall that left some of the continent’s rivers unreachable.

Tour operators like European Waterways reported the challenges of some of the worst floods in history affecting the river cruising industry. The floods were described as rare and it is hoped that the unusual amount of rainfall was only a ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ occurrence.

River fluctuations however, are a common occurrence and tour operators will often make allowances for their customers. When European waterways are either too low or too high to pass through it creates a concern for the industry, although many companies alter their itineraries to ensure that their customers get the most out of their holiday experience.

The floods come at a time when river cruising holidays are on the rise, and companies like European Waterways are urging customers that the heavy rainfall was a rare occurrence and not to be put off travelling the rivers of Europe. The companies are reassuring their customers that they are constantly and carefully considering any potential issues relating to flooding and will offer alternatives and compensation accordingly.

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