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River Cruise Industry Hits All Time High

In the last two years the river cruise industry has seen a significant increase in numbers. In 2012 the number of British river cruise passengers rose by 14% and added to this, Europe proved the most popular destination.

European waterways were visited by a record number of people with The Rhine and Moselle rivers experiencing the biggest increase of 20.7% year-on-year. The river Danube also saw a significant rise of visitors with an 11.6% increase. These figures were followed in 2013 with more Europe river cruise ships being added to European waterways.

With river cruise holidays becoming more and more popular, companies like European Waterways are being encouraged by the numbers of people interested in the continent’s rivers. Tour operators who have long held the value that river cruising is an excellent way to explore the wonderful countries of Europe welcome the news.

River cruises also offer the perfect opportunity for travellers to explore European cities before and after their cruise. Many guests opt to do just that and extend their holiday.

Australia is also registering a record boom in the popularity of river cruising, with the number of Australians opting for a river cruise holiday almost tripling in the last four years. Europe proves the most popular destination for Aussies looking for a river cruise holiday.

The popularity of this kind of holiday and its success is said to be down to its convenience and beauty as well as the ability to visit several different places in one holiday. Companies like European Waterways attribute the holiday’s growing popularity to its relaxing nature and picturesque surroundings. River cruises allow travellers to visit many locations while only needing to unpack and pack once, which is a very convenient way to travel.

For more information on river cruising and choosing the right holiday for you, head to the European waterways website at www.gobarging.com for more details.

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