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Equity School Travel Could Be Behind High Percentage Of Children Under 10 On Foreign Trips

Educational school trip companies such as Equity School Travel could be one of the factors behind the high percentage of British children who have been abroad at least once before they were ten years old.

In fact, according to popular British newspaper, The Daily Mail, a recent survey shows that 67 percent of the young Britons of today have taken a trip abroad before their age reached two digits, with about a quarter having seen four or more foreign destinations before they start secondary school.

These numbers are in stark contrast to those culled by the same survey but pertaining to the older generations. According to the study, only one-fifth of the parents of these children had travelled as much as their offspring when they were the same age, with 56 percent stating that they had never travelled abroad by that point in their lives. For the grandparents, the numbers were even lower, with only 11 percent being that well-travelled by the age of ten.

Among the factors contributing to this shift in paradigm, mostly verified over the past 15 years, are the lowering costs of flights and the rise of budget airline companies providing air links to destinations, both in Europe and elsewhere in the world, that were not previously served by flights from Britain. The increasing popularity of companies such as Equity School Travel, which offer opportunities for study breaks abroad at competitive prices, could also have had a role to play in the results of this survey, even if 61 percent of the parents interviewed have admitted that their preferred destinations when taking their families abroad are beach resorts.

The survey from which these numbers were taken was conducted by one of the most popular budget airlines in Europe, and aimed to find out more about the modern British traveller’s holidaymaking habits.

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