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Virtual Tour Of The Titanic Offers Alternative To School Travel Service Trips

Pupils from three primary schools in Dungannon County, in Northern Ireland, were recently offered a fun virtual alternative to school trips such as the ones offered by School Travel Service, in the form of a virtual tour of the Titanic.

Students from St. Mary’s, St. Ciaran’s and Aughnacloy Primary School were given the opportunity to participate in this event, and take a realistic 3D tour of the inside of the boat. This event was broadcast live from the Titanic Belfast through a local television network.

Also in attendance at this initiative, hosted by David Huntley, were Titanic specialists, to whom the children were able to pose questions about the famous disaster. Fielding the questions of the eager primary school pupils were Mike McKimm, a journalist who has recently visited the wreckage of the Titanic at the bottom of the Atlantic, Siobhan McCartney, Educational Officer for Titanic Belfast, and ocean exploration expert Susan Heaney. McKimm’s slightly more ‘exciting’ profile made him the centre of attention for the children, who were eager to find out how the renowned Titanic expert had felt visiting the wreckage and to hear about all the fascinating sights and sounds such an experience entails.

In addition to the 3D tour, participating children were also given the chance to connect with fellow pupils from Southern Ireland and North America, via video-conference. The foreign children were just as eager to find out about the Titanic as their Northern Irish counterparts, leading to a lively international Q&A session.

While there is no doubt that companies such as the School Travel Service offer some wonderful trips, this initiative was particularly special as it was part of the ‘Dissolving Boundaries’ programme, which seeks to enable students from different countries and backgrounds to partake in the same experiences. The choice of Belfast as the backdrop for the event was due to the town’s intimate connection with the Titanic disaster, and the prominent place it occupies in Northern Irish culture.

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