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Brides Staying In Dorset Classic Cottages Accommodation Enjoy Wedding Dress Windfall

Future brides staying at one of Classic Cottages’ properties in Dorset this past November will have enjoyed the unexpected pleasure of shopping for brand-new wedding and bridesmaid dresses at a charity shop in Bournemouth.

The pieces, which numbered 100 in total, were left in boxes outside the door of the Boscombe PDSA charity shop and are currently being sold at massively reduced prices to incredulous and eager brides. The collective value of the donation is estimated at around £50,000 to £60,000, but the shop directors have stated that they are only looking to raise around one-sixth of that value from the sale of these dresses (£10000).

Among the many pieces donated to the PDSA animal charity shop were a number of designer dresses, some worth thousands of pounds, but which are now being sold for as low as £150. The bridesmaid and prom dresses also included in the donation are going for even cheaper, with price tags as low as £50. If you are getting married, it is worth renting one of Dorset’s classic cottages and spending some time shopping for your bridal attire.

This veritable windfall of bridal accoutrements has led many brides, both in the Dorset region and from further afield, to overlook the stigma of buying their bridal wear at a charity shop, and the Boscombe PDSA has witnessed a flurry of wedding-dress-buying activity since receiving this donation in late October. The branch’s staff members have declared themselves delighted with this situation, explaining that the money will come in very handy to help the nurses and vets they work with heal unfortunate animals back to perfect health.

PDSA is an animal charity, which works with nearly 500,000 animals belonging to underprivileged people. The organisation works with qualified vets and nurses to offer animal healthcare and promote responsible pet ownership. PDSA was founded in 1917 and currently works with 51 PetAid hospitals and 381 PetAid practices throughout the UK. It employs 320 veterinary surgeons, 600 nurses and 5200 volunteers, and has subsidised 2.3 million veterinary treatments and 420,000 preventive treatments, adding up to a total of £59 million in 2012 alone.

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