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Virginia Complex In Need Of Plumbing Repair

A problem with the water supply has left a primary school, a library and a senior centre in Virginia Beach in need of plumbing repair. The library and senior centre were forced to close as a result, while the school is limiting the usage of water by its students.

The anomaly originated in the well system used by Creeds Elementary School, and as a result, the staff has had to limit the students’ access to the water supply. According to an official representative of the school, the water in the toilets is still safe to use, but all drinking fountains have been turned off, and hand sanitizer is standing in for the water from bathroom and classroom sinks. The cafeteria staff has also been instructed to only prepare food that does not at any stage require the addition of water. To make up for the closing of the drinking fountains, students are being provided with bottles of water.

According to the Office of Drinking Water that regulates the well system that Creeds Elementary gets its water from, one of the monthly samples from the area came back positive for total coliform, which led to the current state of affairs. A well company has already been called in to perform plumbing repair, disinfecting and flushing the system in order to remove the bacteria.

Until the plumbing repair is finished, however, both the school and the nearby Pungo-Blackwater Library and Senior Resource Centre (which draw water from the same well system) will continue to be affected by the problem. And while Creeds has continued to function as usual, the library staff has decided to close doors early on Friday and remain closed until the water supply is considered safe to use once again.

Coliform bacteria, which include E. Coli, are generally found on any surface, which includes pathogenic elements of fecal origin. While most members of the coli family are harmless to humans, some and in particular some strands of E. Coli, can be the cause of serious illnesses, including pneumonia. Bloody diarrhea, stomach cramps, vomiting and fever are other common symptoms of E. Coli infection, and something the parents and staff of Creeds Elementary School and the Pungo-Blackwater Library and Senior Resource Centre will want to avoid at all costs.

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