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Train Station Restoration Could Provide Work For HMS Plumbing Employees

The small Virginia town of Berkeley Springs is currently planning to restore the town’s historic train station, which could provide HMS Plumbing and other plumbing companies in the area with interesting job opportunities.

The train station has been inactive since the 1970s, but remained in use as the preferred venue for town council meetings, and later as an art gallery and a music shop. In 2001, it was placed in the National Register of Historic Buildings, and in 2010, after it had been abandoned for a few years it was considered an endangered property by the West Virginia Preservation Society. Nowadays, it sits ruined and unused, something the renovation committee, led by Mayor Susan Webster, plans to change.

Webster has stated that renovating the train station and restoring it to its former glory is a long-time dream of hers and now, with the help of a volunteer team of local citizens, that dream seems set to become reality. Renovation works on the old station are predicted to start next year, and should take about five months in total.

Among the improvements planned are the re-tiling of the roof, which is considered the most critical renovation at this point in time, hazardous material remediation, the waterproofing of the cellar, restoration of walls, ceilings and floors, the installation of wheelchair-accessible toilets, a new alarm system, landscaping work on the garden and, most relevantly for HMS Plumbing and similar local companies, an upgrading of the piping and electrical systems.

Mayor Webster has declared herself extremely pleased and impressed with the citizens’ willingness to improve the station, as well as build the new volunteer-run appendage to the town’s visitor welcoming centre, the other big project in Berkeley Springs’ attempt at a facelift. Webster went on to say that the renovation of the train station had been a goal of hers since first coming into office in 1993. She revealed a willingness to look into business propositions for the historic space, and perhaps even re-activate it in the near future.

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