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Hybrid Electric Cars Are The Future, Says Courier Exchange

03 December, 2013: Courier Exchange, one of the UK’s leading freight exchanges, acknowledges the huge profitable potential of hybrid electric cars, especially as the first few generations produced by some of the leading car manufacturers have proven to be viable enough to allow couriers to do their jobs smoothly and efficiently. The announcement comes in the wake of the news about the recent success of an Atlanta-based delivery service, Green Express, which used a fleet of Toyota Prius hybrid electric cars to carry out its jobs. The said company’s successful experience shows that electric cars can work, despite their initial and rather substantial cost of ownership.

The usage or future shift of courier companies to vehicles that no longer use fossil fuels is becoming more and more relevant. What used to be some distant clarion call to combat the effects of global warming has now become a Banshee scream, highlighted even further by the very recent and severe devastation caused by the super typhoon Haiyan, which wreaked havoc in the Philippines. With the United Nations conference on climate change finding renewed vigour in fighting to reduce or stop global warming that has long been suspected to spawn more and more powerful and deadly weather disturbances, businesses are earnestly following suit. That is why delivery service companies around the world are either seriously considering using fossil fuel-free operations or actually boldly venturing into electricity-powered ventures.

As an organisation with thousands of members around the UK, Courier Exchange is in an advantageous position and could potentially influence delivery service companies throughout the country. The announcement is mainly due to new compelling operational evidence that the use of hybrid vehicles significantly increases fuel mileage and actually halves fuel consumption, not to mention the fact that a ‘green courier company’ will attract more customers who like the idea of being able to contribute to environmental protection.

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Courier Exchange is one of the two independent freight exchanges operated by the renowned Transport Exchange Group (TEG). With thousands of active members and around 12,000 vehicles, the TEG has been instrumental in facilitating half a million movements nationwide. Its immense contribution has positively spurred the growth of the road transport industry. For more information about the company, please visit http://www.courierexchange.co.uk/ .

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