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Courier Exchange Reveals Top Three Free Ways To Promote The Courier Business

03 December, 2013: The UK’s leading online freight exchange, Courier Exchange, revealed what it thinks are the top three ways to promote a new courier business. The suggestions are especially relevant to those who are coming to the industry with a blank slate. A spokesman from the highly respected organisation asserts that any new business is beset by a ‘pincer movement’ of urgent concerns as on one hand, the business needs a healthy influx of new customers in order to get up on its feet while on the other hand, the business, being new, would really prefer not to spend a lot of money on advertising. Obviously, these are quite opposing interests, but Courier Exchange insists that one can still focus on the wisdom of the ‘and’ and not the tyranny of the ‘or’.

For starters, Courier Exchange swears by the efficacy of networking. Pared down to its most basic level, networking for a new courier company simply means getting out there and meeting as many people as possible. One does not have to attend a huge international convention but instead can start by dressing up professionally, walking down the street and getting acquainted with shop owners, lawyers, architects, school administrators, and more. For the more Internet-savvy, writing a press release and having it posted or published on any of the hundreds of PR sites currently online can cost next to nothing, although it will require writing skills and the effort of posting on the said sites. Speaking of the Internet, it is also important to start a website or blog for the new business, especially if it is possible to successfully ‘localise’ the business by adding the requisite Google map or Google Plus page.

And of course, a great way to get a healthy influx of new business is by joining an online freight exchange service, such as Courier Exchange. After all, the organisation has been instrumental in linking half a million courier jobs throughout the country, and with more than three thousand courier members and more than twelve thousand vehicles, Courier Exchange is simply one of the most powerful ‘marketing uplifts’ a new business can ever get.

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Courier Exchange is one of the two independent freight exchanges operated by the renowned Transport Exchange Group (TEG). With thousands of active members and around 12000 vehicles, the TEG has been instrumental in facilitating half a million movements nationwide. Its immense contribution has positively spurred the growth of the road transport industry. For more information about the company, please visit http://www.courierexchange.co.uk/ .

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