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05 December, 2013: A patient suffering from breathing problems during an injury, illness or after a surgery was observed to develop symptoms of pneumonia. To tackle this medical situation, a medical device named incentive spirometer was invented to help patients get a control on their breathing and hence, prevent any further illness. This device has been known to serve as a quick healer in many cases like in an injury, during an illness, after a surgery. The basis of this device is dated back to ancient times, when this technique was used for the body to heal quickly. Around 1950, physicians studied these ancient methods and invented this device to offer a quick heal solution to their patients. Incentivespirometer.org is a web based blog that is aimed at guiding internet users about this device and its use, so that they can use this device effectively.

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We have developed this online blog on the WordPress platform to serve as an information source regarding the medical device. It contains several posts that contain useful information for its readers to gain more knowledge about the device and hence, use it in an effective manner.

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The information contained on our site is useful for both medical practitioners and patients dealing with lung and related problems. Where, such a health problem can lead the patient to a worse medical condition, our blog is dedicated to help them get a self-treatment for a quick heal. Along with text-based information, we have uploaded visual aids like images and videos also for a better user experience. All the posts are divided into meaningful categories like incentive spirometry and others to help users find the right information easily and quickly.

If you wish to gain more knowledge regarding a post on our site, you are provided with links for reference material and news related to the post. These links offer an assurance of reliable information along with adding more quality content to the post.

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Since, this site is developed to serve as an information source for readers suffering from hard breathing problems after a surgery or an injury, it is kept minimalist with simple navigation. You will find the navigation bar on the right side containing links to recent posts like how to use an incentive spirometer and categories of posts uploaded on this blog. Along with this, a search box is also provided on the right side to allow readers search for the desired information.

Thus, this online blog is an initiative from us to serve as a reliable source of information regarding this medical device.

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