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Tax Credits Number Makes it Easy to Enquire Everything about Tax Credits for UK Residents

United Kingdom; 07/12/2013: In the year 2003, Gordon Brown introduced the Working & Child Tax Credits as part of the reform agenda of the government for tax and benefits system. UK residents can now make use of the tax credits number for contacting HMRC regarding information related to tax credits. This is basically the landline number for tax credits where the callers can get information about tax credits as well as other questions related to it. From Monday to Friday, the number remains open from 8a.m to 8p.m whereas on Saturdays it remains open from 8a.m to 4p.m and closed on Sundays, New Year’s and Boxing Day.

The calls to the tax credits number are charged at £1.5 from BT landlines with network extras for number announcement. On the other hand, for connecting the call, it takes around £1.53 along with network extras. People who are not willing to use the connection service of Tax Credits Number, can also get the number from the HMRC website. However, it is important for the callers to be more than eighteen years of age and have the permission from the bill payers for using this directory service. Although, there is no doubt about the fact that HMRC happens to be a great resource, but people can get answers to all their questions by calling this number directly. It is possible for hearing or speech impaired persons to call this number with the help of textphone. Instead of speaking they can simply type their queries with the help of the textphone. But, it does not allow them to speak to some representative with a textphone number. Another great advantage is that UK nationals travelling or living abroad can also call this number with the help of their National Insurance Number. The site has made it possible for the users to get all sorts of information related to UK tax credits.

The HMRC website no doubt proves to be a good resource for people looking to get all the information on tax credits. But, the tax credits number makes it possible for people to save a lot of time by simply dialling the number and getting all the required information. People can get information about child tax credits which is basically aimed towards tackling the growing concern of child poverty. On top of that, information about working tax credit is also available which is aimed towards providing financial support towards low income earners. Information about the all the tax credits can be easily availed from the tax credits number (09132329750) provided by the website. This comes as a huge benefit for those who are not that savvy with searching a website for all the information.

About Tax Credits Number:

URL: http://taxcreditsnumbers.co.uk/

The Tax Credits Number allows the residents of UK to get all the information related to tax credits without the need to do extensive searches on HMRC website. Tax Credits Number is not an HMRC affiliation.

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