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Gemstones Effects and Vedic Astrology Online

09 December, 2013: In the modern age of technological advancement, a stone having healing properties may first strike as something absurd. But this is certainly no joke! Stones can heal and the entire science of astrology rests on treating with stones. The use of stones or gemstones has continued down through the ages for spiritual rituals and for healing. This apart, they had and continue to have ornamental uses too. Bello Jewels Online manufactures and sells precious and semi precious gemstones online. The products they sell include necklaces made of precious or semi precious gemstones, along with silver, gold, and diamond jewellery. The jewelleries draw inspiration from rich Indian tradition.

It is certain that gemstones are used for ornamental purpose, but their astrological properties cannot be denied. However, in order to ensure that the effects are rightly directed, the gemstones should be original. At Bellow Jewels Online, you will get original gemstones in the precious and semi precious category. The stones are available both in loose form and in the form of jewellery. Whether you want an amethyst to set your stars right, or a coral or an agate, you will get all the original gemstones at Bello Jewels Online.

The kings and the queens, when they ruled in ancient India, used to put on crowns that were embellished with precious and semi precious stones. Apart from the ornamental purpose, the gemstones were used for their potent powers. Each stone has a unique property. A number of them were used on the crowns to heal the different aspects of their life and kingdom. The stones had the power to set connectivity between the monarchs and kings as well as the cosmic powers that helped to them rule better. You can choose to set your stars right and purchase the original gemstones from Bello Jewels Online.

Stones such as emerald, ametrine, topaz, moonstone, sapphire, onyx, and tiger’s eye emit some positive vibrations that have an influence on both physical and mental well being of people. They exert certain frequencies that create a strong field of energy, charging their wearers with the same energy. Birth stones are essential to improve the future course of events. Bello Jewels Online offers the facility of birth stone consultation and also a free birthstone Vedic astrology report recommending the kind of gemstone that will suit you according to your time of birth. You can also find answers to some of your most personal questions. Some of the birthstones sold here include a parcel of ruby, emerald, sapphire, green emerald, garnet, and diamond solitaire.

You can purchase the recommended birth stone and feel the strong effects it casts on your life. Challenges and wills seem easier to overcome and both your mind and body would be charged with a positive energy. You will experience a proper channelizing of thoughts and actions that will help you gain stability and confidence. Once you wear your lucky gem, the success coming to your life would be notable. It will maintain a positive balance between your mental and physical health, while keeping negatives on the fringes.

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