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Study Analyses Behaviour Of Customers Of Companies Like Bartle Holidays

13 December, 2013: A recent study from the Menorcan Hotels Association attempted to study the habits and behaviour of British tourists visiting the island through companies such as Bartle Holidays, and come up with some revealing results.

According to the survey, British tourists account for the highest number of visitors to the Balearic island, making up 41 percent of all hotel guests in Menorca. From January to December of this year, for instance, there was an increase of 38.740 British guests (or 10 percent) in relation to the same period in 2012. When added to the unaccounted-for tourists booking holidays with villa rental companies such as Bartle Holidays, these numbers give Britons an undisputed spotlight in the Menorcan travel industry, a good way ahead of the Spaniards themselves (36 percent of all hotel guests) and the Italians (8 percent of all hotel guests).

The study further revealed that, of all tourists to visit Menorca every year, British nationals spend the highest amounts of money – around £100 a day in 2013, a number which represents a 17 per cent increase with relation to 2011. However, the survey also showed that Britons tend to spend the least amount of time holidaymaking on the island, with an average of only 8.8 days = a decrease in relation to the previous two years.

The survey in question was put together by the Menorcan Hotels Association as a complement to the World Travel Market fair, which sees some of the main European tour operators convene to compare and contrast numbers. The indexes it presents are universally seen as positive, indicating the Menorcan tourist office’s many meetings with tour operators prior to the start of the peak season have been bearing fruit.

Other recently divulged numbers concerning the island of Menorca include the number of tourists passing through its airport gates and the significant increase in Danish tourists predicted for next year’s peak months.

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