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Magento Downgrade Services by Goivvy Offer Cost-Cutting Measures to Businesses

21 December, 2013: The Magento Downgrade service offered by Goivvy.com allows businesses to ditch their high-priced ‘Magento Enterprise’ edition of Magento, and opt for the free-to-use ‘Community’ version. This Goivvy service opens the door for small- and medium-sized businesses to make their operations more cost-efficient, increase their profit margins, and improve their chances of staying in business. 

Failure to break even is one of the primary reasons why most e-Commerce ventures are forced to shut down after being in operation for only a short time. The costs of deploying and maintaining specialised e-Commerce solutions, hiring and paying staff to update and maintain site content, and quality hosting are just some of the payments that an e-Commerce site owner has to make every month. 

According to eMarketing & Commerce, a resource of the North American Publishing Company, e-Commerce sites have a disturbing task failure rate of 45 percent. Some of the biggest names in business, such as Barnes & Noble, HP, and Netflix, have previously failed in their e-Commerce ventures because their costs of operation exceeded the revenues they could make from their offerings. 

Although the Magento Enterprise solution has powerful features to help a business owner, it is expensive to deploy and has a high price tag of over £9,000 in annual fees. Business owners are often attracted by the advanced support features of the Magento Enterprise edition and deploy it hoping that the solution will increase their profits from their e-Commerce website. New business owners can soon realise that they cannot afford to continue paying the charges for this advanced e-Commerce solution. 

Goivvy has been successfully delivering Magento downgrading solutions to many business owners across a wide spectrum of industries. Even though the process of downgrading a Magento solution is complicated, Goivvy has the expertise and experience to complete it thoroughly and perfectly within three to five days. This promptness ensures that businesses can start making savings quickly. 

The Magento Downgrade Service by Goivvy enables business owners to switch from their Magento Enterprise editions to the free Magento Community version that not only fits their needs but also reduces their costs of operation. This provides them with a better chance of increasing their profit margins and leads to a higher chance of success. 

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