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Cool Original MEIZU MX3 Android Phone Announced From China

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Shenzhen, Guangdong, Dec 23, 2013: While not all perfect, Meizu MX 3-core powered Android phone being advertised as "the world's first 128GB smartphone" - is a device many of people will choose to ignore but can't. Meizu, one of the major smartphone manufacturers in China, has carved itself a niche in the market with this awesome gadget. This is because Meizu MX3-core like its predecessors (the original MX and MX 4-core) has excelled in performance, design, quality, and equipment. The cheap phone features a Flyme 3.0 operating system more suitable for normal people as compared to its counterparts the likes of Samsung S4 and Apple smartphone devices. Even more intriguing is the fact that the device sells for US$ 394.90 which is 3/5 the price of a GS4! 

Down to its specs, what one first notices about the phone upon laying eyes on it for the first time is its clean and minimalist user interface thanks to Meizu's Flyme OS. There are no nagging app drawers to deal with much like in Apple's iOS and almost everything from the notifications to the main homescreen is tailor made and easily customizable. Meizu MX 3-core adopts a sleek, slim design - carefully curved body 72mm wide and 9.1mm thick - which further accentuates the phone's aesthetic appeal. The phone embraces Exynos 5 Octa chipset,a variant used by Samsung Galaxy S4, along with 2GB RAM and SGX544 MP3 graphics. 

MX3's camera is a Sony third-generation 8-megapixel sensor which is quite a disappointment given that many cheap android phones the caliber of MX3 have a 13-megapixel. In the audio range, MX 3-core has the common bundle namely: dual-band WiFi, Bluetooth, NFS and GPS capabilities. However, MX 3-core outdo top-notch smartphones such as LG and HTC with its 2400mAh Sony cell which boasts of providing 9 hours of continuous 3G browsing, 10 on WiFi and 7 hours of 1080p video playback. 

For those who are based outside Asia, access to this cool gadget might seem something of a mirage on the horizon as Meizu has not commented on MX3's international availability as yet. But when it does hit the global market, smartphone users need to buckle up for Meizu MX3 is well on its way to revolutionize the smartphone arena. 

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