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Atomic Trade to Launch Revolutionary Crypto Exchange Trading

27 December, 2013: It’s only a matter of days before the New Year is kicked off right with the epic launch of a new Crypto Exchange Trading Platform that will boast all of the top crypto-currencies among providing users a plethora of other impressive features. 

If you visit Atomic-trade.com you will see that the counter is ticking away (7 days and counting down) to the unveiling of a revolutionary crypto-exchange website like no other. 

If you have found that other online crypto-trading sites are short on the crypto-currencies they offer, then you will not be disappointed to know that Atomic-trade.com will be offering such popularly used crypto-currencies as: BTC (Bitcoin), LTC (Litecoin), WDC, TAG, XPM, and more for deposits made in USD. 

Atomic-Trade is integrated with a high speed distributed cache and microsoft sql server enterprise which enables it to host a virtually unlimited user capacity. It also assures that users will have no interruption as changes and updates are made on a multi-tiered system. User capacity is virtually unlimited since servers can be deployed on demand within minutes. Having a multi tier redundant system also means changes and updates can be deployed with little or no user interruption. If a server goes offline more will spool up to take its place or scale back during times of low usage. 

Security is tight on this exchange platform as it is hack proof. The password storage system does not store passwords, instead it utilizes a unique hash key that is generated for each user’s password. 

In addition, with this extraordinary multi-tier system the actual coin wallets, database, and trade engine are only accessible by designated servers in the same private network. Only the final tier is accessible to the internet via a secure connection. A 2fa option will also be available provided by Authy ensuring users the utmost in security. 

Support for Atomic-trade.com is provided by Zendesk. All users will have access to superior support with support agents available at all times. 

There is a full featured global live chat system with administrators as well as pay bans. User can see other users account level by the color of their chat name. User’s avatars are also shown in the chat. To ensure there is no chat flooding all users have a tiny chat delay. Just like the rest of the system the chat service is globally distributed in real time using high speed shared cache. 

Atomic-Trade.com was built on the premise that it would open up more options to users on a global level. As other crypto-exchanges have limitations, Atomic-trade.com is hoping to advance the crypto-currency market with its superior features, broad options, high-tech security, user capacity, scalability, and intricate architecture. 

The owner and founder of Atomic-Trade.com was so confident in this crypto-currency exchange platform that he named his newborn son “Atom” to demonstrate his “faith” that this website will supply an iconic exchange platform that will revolutionize the crypto-currency market.

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