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Spanish Government To Invest In Major Ski Plan Destination

30 December, 2013: The Spanish government has recently announced that they will be investing a sum of around £2.8 million on new ski resorts and facilities in the Sierra Nevada, one of the country’s main skiing destinations, and also one of the most popular in school ski trip company Ski Plan’s repetoire.

Among the planned new developments is a 2.5km-long freestyle piste and park, which is bound to give free-spirited skiers and snowboarders, whether travelling with Ski Plan or independently, a chance to express themselves out on the slopes.

The winter sports park being subject to remodelling, dubbed Sulayr Snow Park, will boast over seventy features, including a kids’ freestyle area and a half-pipe. Jumps and obstacles in this park will reach heights of eleven feet, and keen freestyle skiers and snowboarders will also find plenty of rails and jumps on which to test their skills too.

The park is also designed so that freestyle winter sports aficionados’ can string together a series of impressive stunts on their way through the park. Of the new development’s seventy obstacles, forty-six can be found along the same path, allowing users to take advantage of some or all of them on their runs down the mountain.

The Sulayr Snowpark is currently one of the main attractions to be found among Sierra Nevada ski resorts. The ski station first came into its own four years ago with the restructuring of the Sierra Nevada facilities in general. The addition of the new facilities should help it cement that reputation, and also attract an entirely new demographic thanks to its innovative beginner-friendly approach.

As noted above, one of the main attractions of the ‘new’ Sulayr park will be the two areas aimed at children, dubbed the Kid’s Park and the Progression Park. Here children and beginners will have the chance to take their first steps or improve their technique in either skiing or snowboarding in a safe environment and with professional assistance. This is something that will surely please schoolchildren who are on ski holidays with companies such as Ski Plan. The park is structured so that each new slope presents a degree of progression from the last, culminating on the professional slope, which is planned to have the same design as a slope from the Ski and Snowboard World Championships. Also on offer will be a freestyle half-pipe perfect for winter tourists looking to display a different range of skills and tricks.

Preparation work on the different Sierra Nevada slopes started on November 13th and should be ready in time for the season opening.

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