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Nawel K Seth, Broker of Record Now Offers Real Estate Service in GTA Toronto

02 January, 2014: Nawel K Seth, Broker of Record is now offering a new real estate service "We Buy Houses" in GTA Toronto, Ontario. This new real estate service will allow people living in the area to sell homes and assign agreement of purchase and sale of a new condominium, within 48 hours. This is good news to people in Ontario, Canada especially to those who need to sell homes and cash out. People do not need for their property to sell, and wait for months just to get the money on their hands. 

Nawel K Seth and the group of real estate investors of Trail Blazer Realty guarantee clients with cash sale and close deals on mutually convenient time or as early the deal can be closed by real estate lawyers. Trail Blazer Realty can buy the property from customers, close the sale within 30 days, and rent the property back to them. They also give customers the option to buy back the property. 

People who are looking to settle condo unit assignment issues can benefit from this news. Now, it will be easy for them to buy condo unit assignments, and relocate as soon as possible. All necessary requirements and paper works will be taken care of Trail Blazer Realty. 

Because of the complexity of a regular real estate sale transaction, clients normally have to wait for several months just to close the deal, and get the money on their hands. Assessing the value of the property and other necessary checks are required, delaying the closure of the deal. But, with the new service now offered by Nawel K Seth, customers may not need to close the sale just to get the money on their hands. Clients can expect that they can get the money from their home or condo units within 48 hours of completing the condo assignment paperwork. The company takes care of all the necessary paper works and prerequisite requirements of selling a real estate property. 

Nawel K Seth, Broker of Record, also gets the credit for providing Flat Fee MLS service, Cash Back Rewards program and FREE and Easy access to Power of Sale properties to consumers. The company also buys condo units in Ontario and in rare cases, the company will consider buying properties outside the GTA area. 

For further information about Trail Blazer Realty, please visit http://www.flatfeecanada.com/We-Buy-Houses.html 

For Media Contact:
Company: Trail Blazers Realty
Address: 675 Cochrane Dr,
East Tower Markham Ontario
Tel. No.: 1 866 890 1999
Fax No.: 1 866 542 3665
Email: info@FlatFeeCanada.com
Website: http://www.flatfeecanada.com/We-Buy-Houses.html

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