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AGASS – Ashwani Gupta and Associates becomes most preferred for articleship & jobs

04 January, 2014: Ashwani Gupta and Associates - AGASS, a firm established in 1978, recently achieved the status of ‘Most Loved Chartered Accountantsand Business Consultants Firm’ on getting more than 67,000 Facebook likes on its website, www.agass.org . The firm has been providing various services to its clients like auditing, taxation, legal consultancy, attorney, ROC matters, company formation, business consultancy, management consultancy, recruitment etc. The firm has its headquarters in Jalandhar City, Punjab State, India. 


The firm is not only being loved by businesses and individuals who are availing its services, but also by various individuals who want to do Chartered Accountant Articleship and Accountancy jobs. Students who are doing course of Chartered Accountancy have to undergo a mandatory period of articleship in a chartered accountants firm. Many students are preferring AGASS or Ashwani Gupta and Associates for this training because of the brand name and wide exposure to various industries and work profiles. But the firm is maintaining strict standards by selecting only deserving candidates. When asked that what comprises the definition of ‘Deserving’, its CEO, CA Ashwani Gupta replied, “Students who are enthusiastic about the Chartered Accountancy Course and are willing to learn, are truly deserving. The parameters taken into consideration are their academic background, their grasping ability, positive attitude etc.”

Ashwani Gupta

The firm’s Managing director, CA Rupansh ( www.rupansh.com ) who is also looking after marketing of the firm, said in an interview, “It is very important to select the right candidates for a team as candidates with negative attitude drain vitality from the environment of an organization.” 

Surely, the firm is establishing high standards in every aspect of its functioning. 

For Media Contact:
CA Ashwani Gupta
Address: Jalandhar City, Punjab State, India
Mobile: (91) 98140 65254
Email: info@agass.org
Website: http://www.agass.org/

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