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Frigga Singapore Launches a new Family Care Product

Singapore, January 04, 2014: DEWAV (Singapore) Holdings Pte. Ltd announces to offer a smart solution for all those who care for their homes and children at home. Conceptualizing a new green and intelligent way of life that ensures protection, care and security of one’s home, Singapore based leading high-tech and green brand is introducing this futuristic solution, Frigga Singapore. It provides the complete view of one’s home, whether someone is working or traveling in a car, miles apart from his/her home. The company is highly upbeat about this new product and is expecting its increasing demand among the worldwide customers.

Today, the world has turned tech savvy, and almost everybody is carrying a smart device such as iPhone, iPad, Android Phones and Tablets, and thus they can easily take advantage of this novel and smart solution. One can easily use Frigga on these handheld gadgets and not only one can keep an eye on their homes but can also hear and talk with their children at home. One can easily talk with an innocent child who is not capable of handling phones or mobile phones. In this way, this intelligent solution redefines the ways of home protection and care which is impossible to achieve by other means.

The solution allows people to capture high resolution images with the Sony Megapixel HD Camera which can help people to grab images of their babies in different moods from a remote location. The unique infrared night vision allows capturing images even at night, without disturbing a baby’s sleep. It allows a 355 degree rotation and the full view of images using a handheld device. In the real sense, it allows a 24-hour surveillance in a peaceful, discreet and hassle-free manner.

It has several unique and never-before features that make it a desired home care solution of the modern era. The Singapore based Family Care Expert endeavors to include several amazing and powerful qualities that can suitably meet the home protection and home care needs of the present generation. Moreover, it’s an innovative and green solution that is easy to handle. One can gain more insight about this avant-garde product by visiting the website http://friggaworld.com .

About DEWAV (Singapore) Holdings Pte. Ltd

DEWAV (Singapore) Holdings Pte. Ltd was founded in Singapore in 2008. The company focuses on research and development of family care products. They are going to launch their futuristic family care product called, Frigga.

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