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Aid File Recovery facilitates data recovery from formatted drives

United States of America; 4/1/2014: Being the official website of the lost partition recovery software, Aid File Recovery, formatdriverecovery.com simply represents the various ways in which a user can take advantage of this amazing software to its fullest. This powerful data recovery software supports NTFS/ FAT32/ EXFAT file systems.

Windows OS has evolved in leaps and bounds over the years from the time when hard disks used to be segmented off by using simple DOS command. Starting with NTFS, FAT32 and EXFAT systems, complex portioning got created in order to enable specialised applications to run. The process further improved with the introduction of NTFS file system. These became more sophisticated as they got evolved. As far as Windows partitions are concerned, they can be overwritten, lost or simply destroyed by a virus. It can result in semi- catastrophic failure once this happens. Because of all such reasons, it creates a genuine requirement for superior- grade data recovery software.

Aid File Recovery is exactly that kind of a program. This user-friendly yet powerful and advanced partition recovery program features two modes to scan and locate missing/ lost partitions. When the user fails to see any of his partitions, it simply means that it might be lost or corrupted and for obvious reasons. The data stored in them cannot be gained access too as well. This partition lost might have occurred after reinstallation of the operating system, incorrect manipulation, accidentally deletion, or virus infection. Corruption of the partition table results in partition lost mainly. Partition table is a type of system files which stores critical information about hard drive partitions, and that includes start point/ end point of hard drive partition, name, size, file system, and other essential information of external HDD partition.

The key features of this software include recovery of data after accidental format and reinstallation of Windows, recovery of lost deleted partitions, recovering files after hard disk crash or partitioning error, recovery of lost or deleted files which got emptied from Recycle Bin, recovery of formatted MS Office documents, images, videos, emails, songs, recovery from hard drive, memory stick, USB drive, floppy disk, camera card, etc.

This software helps to recover deleted pictures which might have been removed or formatted from flash drive, SD card, HDD, digital camera, USB drive, smart phone, MMC card, CF card, etc. This recovery tool can be used to restore lost pictures, .JPG, .PNG, .BMP files, etc. ‘Undelete’ option can be used to recover the deleted images, while ‘Un- format’ option can be used to recover images from formatted hard drive and SD card. ‘Recover Partition’ can be used to recover images if partitions get damaged, changed or deleted. ‘Full Scan’ mode can be used to recover images that cannot be located with ‘Un- format’, ‘Undelete’ and ‘Recover Partition’ options.


URL: http://formatdriverecovery.com

Format Drive Recovery offers the features and techniques in which one can recover data from lost partitions using the well- known software, Aid File Recovery. This software can be used to recover pictures, songs, videos, MS Office documents, PDF files and much more from formatted drives.

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