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Aid File Recovery helps to recover word documents deleted on Windows 8

The United States of America, January 4, 2014: Accidental deletion of data or formatting of hard-disks and other storages is not rare for computer users. Such mistakes or hardware crashes can have crucial commercial or emotional impact on the individual who goes through it. Aid File Recovery is the software that has been developed to overcome this common issue with computers. The software can actually recover deleted or formatted files from hard-disks and any other external storage devices. The Windows 8 recovery software is also compatible with Windows 7, Vista and XP. It is capable of recovering music, videos, photos, Microsoft Office files as well as PDF documents from the hard-disk even if the operating system has been reinstalled. The software can work on any external drive such as CF cards, SD cards and USB sticks.

Windows and MS Office are the most widely used operating system and office application among the masses. The cause behind the success of both these products by Microsoft is their intuitiveness. Since they are developed with the objective of ease-of-use, they are vulnerable to accidental mishaps too. Apart from hardware crashes, users partition or format storage disks accidentally and often lose vital data and document as a result of it. If the deleted files have not been backed-up elsewhere, they may be permanently lost. The Word recovery software by Aid File Recovery can rescue individuals as well as companies in such a situation. It is a complete tool developed to recover deleted Word documents, Excel spreadsheets and PDFs.

Aid File Recovery software are available for operating systems, MS Office and external storage drives. The software supports EXFAT, FAT32 and NTFS formats. There are 3 modes of recovery – Undelete, Unformat and Unpartiton – to recover deleted Word documents, lost Word files due to hard-disk format and damaged or altered Word documents due to disk partition. Another recovery option is Full Scan, which can be used to find and restore files that could not be recovered through the other 3 recovery options. Full Scan mode can also retrieve files from raw partition as well as those files which are not in supported file-format.

Aid File Word recovery software supports drives and disks of most major manufacturers, which include HP, IBM, Kingston, Maxter, Samsung, SanDisk, Seagate, Sony, Toshiba and WD. It can recover deleted Word documents created on version 2007 or greater. Same options are available for Windows recovery software. However, the files can be recovered only if they have not been overwritten on the disk. Therefore, users have to stop using the computer on which the hardware failure or data deletion occurred. The hard-drive has to be connected to another machine to install Aid File Recovery software. The trial version of the software is available for free download.

About Aid File Recovery:

Website: http://formatdriverecovery.com/

Aid File Recovery is recovery software that can retrieve deleted and damaged files even after the process of disk partitioning or formatting. It is available for MS Office and Windows as well as external storage drives of other companies.

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