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The Tesla Shield™

06 January, 2014: The creation of The Tesla Shield™ was inspired by the work of the famous inventor Nikola Tesla, and was designed by Life Technology™ to heal, strengthen and protect the mind body and soul. 

Nikola Tesla understood that the cosmos is in resonance. Everything that exists possesses a unique vibratory rate which resonates with the heart of the cosmos. It was this discovery which inspired Tesla to invent The Tesla Personal Oscillator in the early 20th Century. 

Nikola Tesla marketed his Personal Oscillator as being a free energy antenna capable of enhancing the human energy field. It is claimed That The Tesla Personal Oscillator was one of the most popular gadgets of 1907 and was widely used in The USA and Europe. 

Life Technology™ are priviledged to have been given exclusive access to some of Nikola Tesla's papers and have been able to update and upgrade the original design of The Tesla Personal Oscillator. 

The final product, The Tesla Shield™ combines the original Tesla principles of harmonic oscillation and Tesla design considerations with an advanced state of the art internal module designed by Life Technology™. 

100 years after Tesla's original invention of The Tesla Personal Oscillator, Life Technology™ have created The Tesla Shield™, a unique personal energy enhancement tool with an unrivaled capability to transform the user's mind body and soul. 

Benefits of using The Tesla Shield™ include: 

Protection against EMF and electromagnetic radiation 

Increases energy levels 

Heals on all levels of mind body and soul 

Delays fatigue 

Increases physical strength and stamina 

Enhances quality of sleep 

Retards aging 

The Tesla Shield™ and effortless manifesting. 

Essentially, two vital elements must be present for optimal manifesting; An abundantly positive state of mind and a surplus of subtle energy. The Tesla Shield is an important spiritual tool in this process of personal creative manifesting (creating our desires). 

The Tesla Shield™ not only raises our personal subtle energy vibration, but it also enhances our psychological state to one that is more positive and abundant. The synergistic effect when both of these elements are combined is effective and effortless manifesting. We would recommend care and responsibility when using The Tesla Shield™ as it is a powerful tool of conscious creation and can allow us to rapidly manifest our goals and dreams. 

Find out more about The Tesla Shield™ at http://www.lifetechnology.com/products/the-tesla-shield

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