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HMS Plumbing Warns Against Hiring Unlicensed Plumbers

06 January, 2014: HMS Plumbing, one of the most trusted and reliable professional plumbing companies in northern Virginia, warns the public about the dangers and risks associated with hiring anyone who turns up and says they can fix the household’s emergency plumbing problem. The statement is issued in time for the winter season, which can be a perilous period with regards the occurrence of various plumbing problems. According to the company, hiring unlicensed plumbers, at the very least, can make the problem worse and possibly add to the subsequent repair costs. There is no underestimating how a bogus plumber could wreak havoc on a house’s plumbing system.

A spokesperson from HMS Plumbing said that because of the Christmas season, people are often panicky when something goes wrong in the household and for example, a pipe bursts and homeowners act like that proverbial guy in the movies who yells ‘Is there a doctor in the house?’ when somebody falls down in the middle of his dinner. That is to say that typical homeowners can forget being rational and end up asking around in the neighbourhood for any ‘handyman’ who is willing take a look at the problem and offer a magic fix.

‘The important thing,’ says an HMS Plumbing representative, ‘is making sure that the plumber is not only licensed, but also has a good reputation regarding professional work, integrity and reliability.’ The representative further emphasized that, as the home is a family’s biggest and most valuable asset, that only trustworthy licensed professionals should be allowed to work on it.

The benefits of hiring licensed plumbers are obvious. They can make accurate assessment of the plumbing problem and offer not only reasonably priced and modern repairs, but also one that is transparent and without any hidden charges. For those who find themselves in plumbing trouble, HMS Plumbing in northern Virginia can efficiently provide accurate assessment and speedy repairs to make sure any problem is fixed fast enough so as not to botch up the Christmas holidays.

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