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Announcing Bitcoin’s Upcoming Competitor: The Launch of Nyancoin!

7 January, 2014: Bitcoin has dominated the news this year, with major price variability, new regulations and even US Senate hearings. All these factors suggest that people are finally catching up with crypto currencies.

While Bitcoin still owns a major share of the crypto currency deals with the #2 crypto coin – Litecoin (symbol LTC) having less than 6% of Bitcoin’s marketcap, there are still other interesting alternative coins coming up. What is making headlines in 2014 is Nyancoin! Did you think Nyan was just a cat, well, embrace yourself because NYAN! Nyan will soon be out to make a splash in the crypto world!

If we have to predict from the initial interest in Nyancoin from miners, we can easily see Nyancoin having a launch unparalleled by any other alt coin in the past several months. After the pre-release announcement of Nyancoin on bitcointalk and elsewhere, about 1000 miners have already signed up to various mining pools which are ready to start mining the instant Nyancoin is launched.

Nyancoin is a CPU friendly coin unlike coins such as Bitcoin where ASIC miners have completely taken over. Nyancoin is based on scrypt which is GPU mineable but CPU miners below a certain hash value will get extra % over the coins they mine. There is around 10% premine which will finance various developments as well as competitions in MEMEs, story telling, gaming, comics and more! There will be a weekly live stream lasting 30 minutes where news about the winners will be shared along with a question & answer session by Team Nyan.

As of right now, Nyancoin is all over Facebook, Twitter, forums and news sites with everyone excited about the launch. Well, if you have been left behind with other crypto coins, now is the time for you. Why, you ask? Because NYAN!

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