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Now an ABSOLUTELY FREE MLS Listing Service for Home Sellers Facing Financial Hardship

Jan 7, 2014: Home owners in financial distress in the GTA Toronto area, now have a true friend in the real estate business. 

For the first time in the history of Toronto Real Estate Board, a member real estate broker, Nawel K Seth of Trail Blazers Realty is offering to list absolutely FREE on MLS, for those Home owners who are facing financial hardship and losing money in selling their homes. 

Nawel K Seth, the Broker of Record, for Trail Blazers Realty, Brokerage commented “many people, for one reason or the other face financial hardships and lose money when selling their homes. In keeping with my policy of good community service provider, I am pleased to offer this Free MLS Listing service to help people and cut their losses. Normally the traditional commission has been around 5%-6% of the selling price, half of which goes to the selling broker and the other half to the listing agent . For a property with a selling price of 500,000 these total fees would amount to about $25,000 + GST. . By offering to list their homes FREE on MLS, Nawel hopes to cut their costs to almost half and save the home owners a lot of money, that they desperately need. 

Nawel K Seth, who has been in the business for over 40 years, said that though real estate prices have steadily increased in the last few years, many people still would lose money if they have to sell within a year or so of buying, simply because the real estate commission and the legal fees for selling are high. 

By offering to list their homes FREE on MLS, Nawel is hoping to lessen their burden and make it easy to for those home owners who are caught in this situation. 

“There is no catch” and the seller is under no obligation, says Nawel. They do not have to buy another property through us but he hopes that whenever they need a good real estate broker to represent them in the sale or purchase of a property, they will call upon him. To qualify for this special FREE program, the purchase price should be more than the final selling price of the property. 

Trail Blazers Realty would waive their Listing commission and the seller will pay only to the selling broker. It should be pointed out that the seller is always at liberty to decide whatever he wants to pay to the broker who would bring an offer. 

Trail Blazers are also among the pioneers of Flat Fee MLS/ Hybrid MLS in GTA, Toronto. Unlike other brokers, they offer several packages of commissions and fees. You pay for only those service that you require as they will custom design the marketing package that you need. You can hire them only to list on MLS or to market or to negotiate with the buyer or to arrange a mortgage and so on. The fees vary and they can offer services to suit your budget. They can also offer complete consulting services to those who need help in marketing their property privately. This consulting service is first of it kind in Canada. Nawel says “These kinds of transactions where people pay for only those services that they need, will revolutionize the way business is done and will offer a tremendous cost savings to home buyers and sellers”. 

Trail Blazers Realty’s popular website “ www.FlatFeeCanada.com draws tens of thousands of visitors every month anxious to avail their innovative service and save money. They are making it easier and more affordable for sellers to list and sell their properties. 

Rachel Levy the home owner, who had used their services remarked “It was a wonderful experience working with the team at Trail Blazers and the experience offered us a tremendous advantage over the usual commission setup.” 

Trail Blazers Realty has been in the written and internet media even without any special promotion of the service. Their services have attracted a lot of attention from the public with increasing inquiries. This new FREE MLS service to help home owners in distress will also be warmly welcomed. 

About Trail Blazers Realty: 

Trail Blazers Realty, is located in Markham, Ontario. 

For information on FlatFeeCanada visit: www.FlatFeeCanada.com 

For Media Contact:
Nawel K Seth, M.A.Sc; MBA Broker of Record for Trail Blazers Realty, Brokerage
Trail Blazers Realty, Brokerage.
Tel : 905-660-7999 / 416 630 1999 / 1866 890 1999
Email: Info@flatfeecanada.com

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