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Instagram Is Launching a New Messaging Service

07 January, 2014: Rumour has it that the popular photo-sharing app is currently working on a new messaging feature that is to be launched before the end of this month. Apparently, since Facebook acquired Instagram sometime last year, the former has been showing a lot of interest on how to come up with a better and much bolder Instagram app. 

According to TechCrunch, an e-commerce company, they acquired information from an anonymous source that a few Instagram users have already been provided with personal @instagram.com email addresses over the weekend. 

An e-commerce marketing professional admitted that they discovered the personalised Instagram.com email addresses when they requested verified email addresses for the followers of a specific alliance on Twitter and came back with the unique email addresses. The source also added, “We use [the date provider] as a tool for gathering information, and suddenly A LOT of the email fields were being filled in with Instagram email addresses.” 

To date, no further details have sprung on how the personal Instagram email addresses will work but because Facebook did the same strategy—offering Facebook.com email addresses—as part of their added feature, then, it can be said that it falls in line with the company’s scheme to strengthen its grip on existing users by presenting services that will keep them linked to Facebook wherever they go. 

TechCrunch noted, “When Facebook unveiled its revamped messaging system in 2010, it included the option for users to create @facebook.com email addresses.” 

TechCrunch said that with the latest occurrences in Instagram with regards to the personalized email addresses that have been proliferating, it can be said a messaging service is indeed “on the horizon”. 

TechCrunch confessed that Instagram may have already put together an email feature on its platform because aside from sharing photos on your Instagram account, you can additionally send them to certain people via email. 

Furthermore, other developers such as InstaMessage, InstaChat and InstaDM which allow users to send direct messages to Instagram contacts clearly shows that an Instagram messaging service is not far from impossible. 

The e-commerce company added, “Giving users on the Instagram network native email addresses could make the process of sending directly to individuals more seamless and integrated to the bigger platform. It could also be a way for those recipients of your emailed images a way to respond back to you.” 

According to a separate report from Mashable, a British-American news website, launching the Instagram messaging service on a holiday would perfectly make sense as holidays are known to be one of the busiest times for photo-sharing. 

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