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Free recover deleted files from raw parition

07 January, 2014: Aidfile Recovery Software can help you recover files from RAW file system partition of hard drive or external drive, usb drive Computer hard drive and other data storage media are generally the victims of water damage and flooding. It makes your whole data inaccessible and cause serious data loss situations. But you should not panic in such as cases as even if the storage media has been under water and its components have damaged,hard drive recovery is still possible. If your office or house floods and your critical data has not been backed up then you are really in a critical situation. The hard drive might have vital office documents, financial reports or priceless pictures. To overcome all these situations, you need to opt for raw Data Recovery service of an experienced and reliable company. To have safe and absolute recovery for your significant data from water damaged hard drive and prevent further data loss, here are few tips to help you: Remove your computer from water and do not switch it on because it may cause short circuit. brmove the hard drive very carefully from your system so that you could take all required measures to retrieve data. Never try to dry or heat the hard drive. When flooding takes place, dirt and some other debris may enter into your computer and by attempting to remove water from drive may accidental scratch the platters.

Never open the drive in general environment. It should always be opened in safe and sterile environment of Clean Rooms by hard drive recovery software specialists.Take your hard drive and pack it in airtight bag. You should keep the hard drive moist. Search for a trustworthy recovery company and send your hard drive to it.

There are several other factors that could result into the data loss. The logical volume corruption or deletion is the most common factor which leads to the loss of whole data stored on the particular volume. You must also consider virus attack and the matter of vandalism, as you could never know what might happen.

A type of data recovery is when you actually have a disk level failure, such as a compromised file system, disk partition, or the like. Generally speaking, you can use a software-based tool that will manually go through and analyze the data on a sector by sector basis, and put files together. For example, if the FAT table has been corrupted on a Windows-based system, it is possible to find out which clusters correspond to particular files through other means. In other cases, the software will simply guess what data should be there, or will stitch together the parts of the data that it can recover, and move them to a different location on the hard drive.

Different operating systems (such as Windows, Mac, Linux, and so on) may use different formatting systems for their hard drives. There exist different hard drive recovery programs that are designed for almost all operating systems and corresponding formatting systems. Some of these are available for free, while some would require purchase.

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