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08 January, 2014: Founded in 1861, the city of Deming was considered, in the past, to be one of the most important entry points between US and Mexico. The city was built with the expectations that it would be comparable to Chicago, and named after Mary Ann deming Crocker, wife of one of the biggest names when it comes to the railroad industry - Charles Crocker. One of Deming’s claim to fame is the fact that it was home to second transcontinental railroad to be completed in contingent US. Today, however, Deming is known more for its tourist attractions. 

A quick visit to Deming would not be complete without a trip to such tourist attractions as the Deming Luna Mimbres museum which is home to the Deming Armory and the Customs House, the City of Rocks State Park, and the Rockhound State Park, among other places. Tourists would also enjoy such event as the Great American Duck race. 

With so many sights to see in and around Deming, it is only natural for one to look for a place to stay for the week. Fortunately, there are a number of Deming New Mexico Hotels that tourists can choose from. One name that stands above the rest is that of the Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites. 

The Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites is one of the newest hotels in Deming. It belongs to the Holiday Inn chain of hotels thereby assuring the public of its quality of service. Guests can take advantage of such amenities as on-site health and fitness center, free Internet connection, use of the indoor pool, and use of the ice machine. 

For more information about Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites deming Mimbres Valley, head to http://www.dodbusopps.com/65612/23.htm . 

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