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Getting to Know the Athens of the South

08 January, 2014: When one mention the words, “Athens of the South”, what most people would imagine would be an idyllic place. Not many would think of a country-flavored city like Nashville, Tennessee. In truth, however, Nashville IS the Athens of the South. With a humid subtropical climate coupled with sprawling parks and recreation areas, Nashville would definitely give Athens a run for its money. 

Nashville is located within the north-central of Tennessee of which it serves as the capital. It was during the 18th century that the city of Nashville was founded by a party of Overmountain Man with the help of James Robertson and John Donelson. By 1806, the city of Nashville was incorporated. 

Aside from becoming famous due to the TV series bearing the same name, Nashville is also quite known among tourists as a place to go to when one is in need of a way to let down their hair and unwind without really losing touch with reality. Some of the most famous tourist attractions in Nashville would include the Warner Parks, the Old Hickory Lake, the Cumberland Park, the Radnor Lake State Natural Area, and the Percy Priest Lake. 

With so many parks and recreation centers to go to, you would definitely to spend more than a day or two at Nashville. This, of course, would mean that you have to book yourself in any of the Nashville TN Motels in the area. If you would like to stay where the stars stay in Nashville, then the first place that you should consider is the Drake Motel Nashville TN. 

Guests to the Drake Motel Nashville TN can take advantage of such amenities as access to seasonal outdoor pool, use of wireless Internet connection in all areas, use of the copy service, and use of the laundry area. This pet-friendly hotel also offers amenities for the physically disabled. If you are lucky, you might even be able to take advantage of their free parking. 

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