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Wedding Dress Designers Present Kardashian Gown Proposals

09 January, 2014: Around a dozen wedding dress designers have recently presented sketches of proposed gowns for celebrity Kim Kardashian, who is to be married to rapper Kanye Wes after he proposed her a few weeks ago. 

The designs presented a range that encompassed bolder charcoal dresses to simpler pink ones, and strapless to traditional V-neck styles. The one common trait running through all of them is the tendency to accentuate the reality star’s curves, famously one of her best assets. 

Among the wedding dress designers who have put forth sketches of their efforts are Reem Acra, Theia and Hayley Paige. However, their more traditional wedding dress designs were not quite as attention-grabbing as those of Val Stefani and Ines de Santo who deviated from the norm by presenting black wedding dresses, or Kelly Faetanini, who like de Santo, envisioned Kardashian in a mermaid cut. Theia’s addition of a pinkish hue to the dress (a trait her design has in common with Vatanna Waters’s) made hers a little less conventional than Paige or Acra’s offerings while Jessica Williams, of Alvina Valenta, was another fan of colour, peppering her design with yellow and pink floral embellishments. 

A big surprise among the twelve or so proposed gowns presented by this group of wedding dress designers is the amount of conservative dresses on offer. More than one person envisioned Kim Kardashian in a somewhat more modest dress. Hayley Paige and Jim Hjelm both gave the starlet more modest long-sleeved designs, although both their efforts also feature low-cut V-necks. Angel Rivera on the other hand, considered Kardashian’s recent motherhood and her design perfectly combines understated elegance and eye-catching details. 

While all these gowns remain fantasy designs for now, it is possible that Ms. Kardashian will eventually end up endorsing one of them when preparations for her big day get underway. 

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