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Rachid Sefrioui’s “Squaring the Circle” Exposes the Destructive Side of Venture Capital

New York, NY; 00 January, 2014: Rachid Sefrioui, an experienced venture capitalist and author, loves the thrill of the startup. His colorful professional life in the financial industry and creative writing skills have translated into the critically acclaimed and captivating new book Squaring the Circle, A Venture Thriller

Squaring the Circle

Two entrepreneurs with lots to gain and little to lose find themselves in a world of intrigue and suspense as they travel from the U.S. to the U.K. on a life-changing business trip. They capitalized on a relationship with a major player in the financial world, Sir Orwell Benedict, who is eager to also make his mark in venture capital and a strong desire to see their innovative startup called Gnosis come to fruition. 

“What their affiliates do not realize, and this is the plot of the book, is that their inventive startup has a far greater and sinister goal for the world of finance and stock trading,” said author Rachid Sefrioui. “By acquiring other technologies they concoct an explosive algorithm that will revolutionize financial markets.” 

The book focuses on the business partnership of two best friends, Ryker Shaheen and Armen Balfour. One is a mathematical and computer wizard while the other has an extraordinary ability to influence key decision makers. As a team, Ryker and Armen are a force that has one specific mission in life: to put together the ultimate deal, the “culmination of all ambition.” Machiavellian alliances begin to form among the elite of the financial world and the pair of trailblazing entrepreneurs begins to lose trust in virtually everyone, as enemies abound. Despite the various twists and turns each of their lives takes, the two friends remain entirely dedicated to their shared goal. 

“The theme of the book is human and follows the story of the two entrepreneurs,” admits Sefrioui. ”Anyone who has set out to launch a startup will find a character they will relate to in some way,” said Sefrioui. 

Squaring the Circle is a fast paced, detail-oriented story--with plenty of intriguing characters and plot twists. Sefrioui’s story telling is edgy and educational, and before long the moral theme of the book is crystal clear. The author explores the personalities of many distinctive business archetypes, from founders and entrepreneurs to fellow board members, financial sponsors, regulators and venture capitalists. The book’s characters are colorful, ranging from do-gooders to world-conquerors to greedy underlings. It exposes much about the inner workings of investment schemes and the financial moguls behind their creation and inception. 

Rachid Sefrioui tells his readers, “I hope this story is not only entertaining, but also resonates with entrepreneurs who will relate to parts of the story as something they’ve lived in their experience with their own startup or with the venture capitalists who financed them.” 

Response to the new thriller has outperformed any new author’s best hopes. Sefrioui has seen an impressive response to the book’s YouTube video trailer, attracting nearly a half of one million views in only 7 days, and surges of activity on related social media sites. The reviews have been excellent across the board. 

“Anything Rachid writes is worth reading. A very smart man, with a great story telling style,” says fellow venture capitalist William Quigley. “When it comes to intrigue, few areas of the business world are more fraught with twists and turns than the world of venture capital.” 

Squaring the Circle will host a KDP “Free Day” at Amazon’s Kindle page on January 16th. Check the Author Facebook site for updates. 

About Rachid Sefrioui: 

Rachid Sefrioui is a venture capitalist and an entrepreneur. He loves the thrill of the startup and the determination to win. His multiple successes came as a result of hard work and even more failures. An avid globetrotter, his colorful professional life stimulates his creative mind and leads him to write in his spare time. 

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