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What Weapon Has Highest Rate a Warrior Choosing in Guild Wars 2

14 January, 2014: Warrior’s weapon is extremely rich, it is even said to be the most abundant jobs in Guild Wars 2. But during the game, usually very few players playing warrior role replace weapons like guardians according to different boss or levels in the final analysis, because the warrior weapon damage related features a high bonus. So what weapon is a warrior choosing highest rate in Guild Wars 2? 

Sword is a kind of relatively all-around fighter weapons to choose, whether to upgrade or post a copy of the PvP or WvW sword warrior is always choose the highest rate of weapons. Compared with other weapons, the biggest advantage of sword is after bonus features Valliant gifts can be obtained through the crit. Guardian have similar characteristics, but to protect crit Valliant has a built-in which cd1 seconds, but not for warriors, this 1 second gap let use value exist the great difference between two features, that is to protect a big sword 2, it is usually 2-3 layers took only, but the soldier's big sword 2 layer can be easily reached 25 full power. If you choose warrior role, you may master the sword skill in order to be excellent as well as obtain much gw2 gold

Sword 1: ordinary that could almost call it a waste of skills, movement is extremely slow; no use value except stacking sunders armor. 

Sword 2: commonly known as killing cut, the basic warrior skills for maximum visibility, is also a warrior winning with the highest DPS skills, CD only 8 seconds. But the board about this skill is need static cast time of 3.5 seconds, during any other actions will interrupt the chop. In fact, most of the time the warriors had no chance to put it out. You will easy get a lot of Guild Wars 2 gold with this skill. 

Sword 3: this is used to identify how warriors play the weapon. First, this is a perfect displacement skill; second, it is a perfect damage skill; in the end, this is a perfect evasion skill. 

Sword 4: the only remote limiting skill, of course, you can also use this technique to attract the enemy in PvE. 

Sword 5: displacement ability, usually don't recommend it as a damage skills to use, because pushing really slowly. 

Sword F1: you don't have any reason to use this ability, probably...In addition to lose controls. 

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