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Dorset Cottages Are Prime Retiring Option For Brits

A recent article on the website of major British newspaper The Telegraph ranked Dorset cottages first on the list of ‘best places to retire’ for British residents. 

This distinction was specifically awarded to the town of Christchurch, the current population of which is made up of approximately 30 percent retirees. Sitting close enough to Bournemouth to offer easy access to all its amenities, but sufficiently removed to serve as a quiet counterpart to its more urbane neighbour, this Dorset village possesses a charm of its own, with its quaint harbour and a series of landmark events, which attract locals and tourists alike. 

While in high demand during the summer months and with the wine festival drawing tourists in May, the music festival in July and the regatta in August, Christchurch is nevertheless a quiet, safe haven for the rest of the year, where retirees living in the quaint Dorset cottages dotted around town can take their boats out on the harbour, potter about in one of the many antique shops or pop into a traditional coffee shop for a cream tea. 

Christchurch is, however, not the only spot in the county that is considered a good location for retirees to buy Dorset cottages. The entire easternmost part of the county features further down the list, with Poole and Bournemouth itself jointly commanding the sixth position on the list. This portion of the country boasts a retiree percentage of approximately 28 percent, which illustrates its relative popularity with the older demographic. 

Dorset cottages are, however, not the only option on the list when it comes to spending one’s retirement years in peace and quiet. The Telegraph’s thoroughly researched list goes on to suggest locations in neighbouring Devon, as well as locations such as East and West Sussex, Lincolnshire, Somerset, Norfolk and Essex. 

The list in question was published as a photo gallery on The Telegraph’s website, along with statistics about the number of retirees living in each of the locations highlighted and even suggestions of properties to buy in each region. 

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