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How to recover files from RAW Vantec NexStar Hard Drive Dock NST-D300S3

The Vantec NexStar Hard Drive Dock offers a robust solution to work with internal hard drives. It has a nice and sturdy design and offers very fast throughput speeds with USB 3.0 and is backward compatible with USB 2.0. It supports both 2.5-inch and 3.5-inch SATA hard drives. 

The Vantec NexStar Hard Drive Dock makes it easy to connect an internal hard drive to a computer, which would otherwise require you to open the computer case and fumble with the cables inside. The device supports USB 3.0 and can handle both 2.5-inch (laptop) and 3.5-inch (desktop) SATA hard drives. Costing around just $40, the NexStar is well worth the investment, especially considering its fast performance with USB 3.0. It also works with USB 2.0 ports. 

If you want to know how to recover files from RAW external hard drive and fix the problem. 

If we encounter one of following situations while using external hard drive, it means the partition in the external hard drive is corrupt. 

* File system is displayed as "RAW".
* File names contain "weird" characters.
* Windows shows "This drive in disk is not formatted. Do you want to format now?"

What should we do to deal with the external hard drive? All the problems restrain us to access the hard drive. According to the advice from experts, do not make any change to the hard drive before you try to recover files from the external hard drive. Because the files are most important, CHKDSK is not useful, and formatting may cause deeper damage to files, data recovery software for external hard drive files recovery is what we need most of all, and what I chose was the RAW external hard drive files recovery software 
Here, recover RAW partition doesn't mean recover partition itself, but recover files from RAW partition. There are many RAW partition recovery software, but the most powerful and efficiant RAW partition recovery software is Aidfile Data Recovery.

Disable the controller in the CMOS setup, and remove the SCSI drivers, etc. associated with it in the Device Manager. And then reboot. If that doesnt work., and if it has a jumper on it, be sure its set to CS..computer select....if that doesnt work, try removing the jumper completely. If that still doesnt work, try to format the RAW partition, using NTFS or FAT under Windows system and EXT2 or EXT3 under Linux.

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