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How to recover ioSafe N2 NAS server fat32 files

FAT32 partition reocvery software helps you to recover lost, damaged, formatted, deleted files in FAT32 partitions without size limitation for recovering photos, pictures, videos, Word documents, Excel, PDF and other files from formatted ioSafe N2 - NAS server

Unveiled at CES 2013, the N2 NAS server from IoSafe is the first network-attached storage device that offers data protection against both hard-drive failure and disasters.

The device is a combined effort of Synology, the maker of several award-winning NAS servers on the market, and IoSafe, the storage vendor known for disaster-proof storage products.

When FAT/ FAT32 partitions are deleted or formatted, the success rates of recovering big files or frequently modified files are very low. For example, it is very difficult to completely recover the XLS or CDR files which are edited and modified frequently. But files remain untouched enjoy a high success rate. For example, it is very easy to recover PDF, JPG or MPG files which are not modified frequently. It is because that the FAT or FAT32 partition applies file allocation table to record the information of cluster chain fragments of each file. After the deletion or formation, the information of cluster chain fragments will be emptied. For files are edited and modified frequently, due to the dynamic increase in the file length, they usually would be stored continuously in the file system, which results the impossible recovery of file fragment information and thus incompletely recovered files

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